--ex Paris (now London) Steve-- 7:46pm, 8 May 2007
sorry folks, Im tired of people vandalising my photo's with invites to shield of crap or wow look how big we are type groups...
It seem the only way to prevent this is set all my photo's friends only and not have any photo's in groups... so I'm deleting all my photo's from all groups .. sorry, its groups like those mentioned above, not this one that ruin it for me but it seems this is the only way to prevent those disgusting invites.

Carlo you have full permission to copy the icon ... no problems, its just I'm so sick of spending half an hour each day deleting the comments with graphic invites/awardsfrom my photo's...
gigantic passenger [deleted] 12 years ago
Ohh! =-O

I liked your pics. Found also there some fav's...
Rob, that's fine I'll add you as a friend.... :D
gigantic passenger [deleted] 12 years ago
Merci Steve!
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