www.ian.ca 6:43pm, 8 April 2007
Hey great to find this group!

I have been a Lightzone user and propenent since ver 1.0. For someone who came at this from the old school, Lightzoone feels closer to the intuitive doging and burning of my old darkroom.

A few months ago I gave a demo of Aperture at my New Media user group. After that demo I also talked about using apps other than Photoshop for selective edits and had Lightzone choosen as my external editor of choice. Once I had an image in LZ, I quickly drew a region and lighten or darkened it. All the photographers in the room gasped as they saw just how quick and easy it was!

It reminded me of myself doing the same gasp at Macworld when I first saw the app demo'ed!

I now urge everyone who's thinking of about this app to TRY IT. Seeing it in action makes way more sense than just reading about it!

Hope to share some of my images with you!
Carlo Ch 12 years ago
I had the same reaction. I never printed in the darkroom, I knew how to use Photoshop, but it was only with Lightzone that I had my first experience in selective editing, burning & dodging and all that stuff I only read in B&W magazines. I really hope Lightzone gains momentum, I could not do without it.
inquisitive ink [deleted] 12 years ago
What do you feel you can do in lightzone that you cannot in Photoshop, or is it that LZ does it all so much easier?

Carlo Ch 12 years ago
I agree with hogepoge. Photoshop is so powerful that there is hardly anything you cant do with it. But Lightzone makes it so simpler and more intuitive that you'll eventually do something. I used Photoshop for years, I could have done everything, how comes I only post-process now, with Lighzone?

Like ianmcc wrote, it's easier to understand by using it.
ambient troutmask 12 years ago
I have hardly opened PS since getting Lightzone. It's not that Lightzone does anything you can't do in PS, just the ease and natural way it all works. It makes pre visualisation much easier, planning from your exposure to the final print in the same way you would with B&W film.
PS seems like the great big clunky old Mercedes compared to Ligtzones agile Ferrari.
What do you feel you can do in lightzone that you cannot in Photoshop, or is it that LZ does it all so much easier?

Obviously I'm not carlo but ...
Like others have said its far more natural but also its just photoshop is al most like an invitation to over do stuff....
Phojo Nick 12 years ago
For me, it's the way that lightzone presents the data. Photoshop is all about pixels and numbers. Nothing wrong with that, I just don't fully "get it."

Lightzone is all about areas and tones. That I get.
www.ian.ca 12 years ago
Photoshop is full of legacy tools carried onward from early versions. I find it amusing that there is now a genneration of PS users who don't know why Burning and Doging and Unsharp mask are called that. These users are raised on tonal values, curves and levels. The precision of photoshop has kinda taken the "fun" out of tweaks.

They also don't know anything about those magic times, where we used to do thing on amuch more intuitive level in the darkroom.

I think these users would finding Lightzone liberating to use.
gfritos 12 years ago
I've converted a few people over to LZ, especially those who feel intimidated by PS. Each of them has had that Ah-HA! moment when they see how easy it is to use, and understand.
www.ian.ca 12 years ago
my kid really loves playing with the little foam eggs they hand out at the trade shows. I guess that will be goe now that the LZN format is gone :-)
www.ian.ca 12 years ago
I see my orginal post is being quoted on the LightCrafts website, which is cool. I just wish they credited me! :-)
bigjimbo 12 years ago
Can you use lightzone to create collages?
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