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hogepodge PRO 3:56am, 6 March 2007
Since the creation of this group last year, we've been using the same group icon. The icon was taken from one of the first pictures that I processed with lightroom. To encourage a bit more activity in the group, we're going to change the icon periodically.

This is the way it will work. The person who's icon is currently on display will choose the next icon in this thread. The chosen images will be on permanent display in this thread, as a kind of "best of" gallery.
Carlo Ch 11 years ago
Thank you Chris :-)

How long are we going to keep one icon? One or two weeks?
Carlo Ch 11 years ago
Fine, let's change then around the 21th of march. Spring icon!
Carlo Ch 11 years ago
This is my choice as next icon:

ambient troutmask 11 years ago
dsc_9941 (by Paris Steve - banned from Prik-prize)
I think this is very interesting
Wow... I'm flattered :D
Sure beats explore anyday.....
Carlo Ch 11 years ago
Since Paris Steve left me the task of choosing the next icon, here's my choice. Gorgeous colors by Houser:


Please Houser, remember to choose the next group icon fron the pool at the end of May.
Wow Houser, that's gorgeous!
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