Foggy Reflection

Phojo Nick 12:37am, 6 January 2007
Foggy Reflection

When I started out with this photograph it was flat and dull. A product of the available light.

Using LightZone, I was able to increase the contrast without losing my whites or blacks and one-click color balance using the color cast tool.

And most importantly I was able to restore the color saturation to the image using the saturation tool.

The saturation tool is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite tools in LZ.

Sure these same results could've been obtained using PhotoShop, but not be me. I've never fully understood PS, and how it manipulates photos.

LightZone on the other hand is something that I do understand and can use to make flat photographs look great.
Carlo Ch 12 years ago
Could you post the original, prior to LZ conversion? I have the same experience, LZ allows me to change very dull shots into interesting images. Sometimes I fear I'm overdoing, some other that I'm getting lazy at shooting time.

I do mostly B&W, and my favorite tool is the ToneMapper, it just like magic. On complex images I use regions a lot.
Phojo Nick 12 years ago
Here is what I started with:

Foggy Reflection - original

I too debated for a long while as to whether I was going too far with the saturation slider. But I like lots of color in my color shots, and this original is so flat it almost looks monotone.

And it was solely a product of the available light. It was misty and foggy. There wasn't a thing I could do (other than possibly adding some strobe light) in the field.
Carlo Ch 12 years ago
There's a clear improvement here, and saturation is measured. I mostly use LZ for the opposite reason, to turn into B&W.
Phojo Nick 12 years ago
Yes, I really enjoy your black and white work.

I've been experimenting more lately with converting some of my stuff into B&W. I'll post something when I get something I think is good. ;)
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