The Halo Effect

hogepodge 4:49pm, 20 July 2006
One thing I've noticed about LightZone masks is the halo that comes from the adjustable feathering. I've played around with minimizing that effect, and have a couple of solutions.

The first is just setting the range to zero, but that can leave a fairly obvious dark line, especially if sharpening is applied.

Over softer edges I've had some luck in copying the mask, inverting it, then growing the area to make the feathered regions overlap. Making adjustments to the second region lessens the effect, but presumes that you want to split your image up like that.

What have your experiences with trying to fix obvious mask halos been like?
mistdog 10 years ago
How DO you invert the mask? I didn't realise there was any way.
jamalrob 10 years ago
mistdog each tool has a checkbox labelled "invert mask," at least in my version.

hogepodge I've tried overlapping regions, but normally I get away with things if I just zoom out and make the region HUGE, so that I can make it very gradual.
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