new member

star_cosmos_bleu 11:59am, 5 March 2007
hi,just joined this group,thanks and may my pictures contribute to the group with charm..
ibrooks 10 years ago
hi! i'm a new member too. i hope you like my photos. all comments are appreciate. i've got a fujifilm s9600 one month ago. i hope to contribute to the group as Star Cosmos Bleu..!!!
Edadsol 10 years ago
Hello everyone, new to the group, hope you enjoy what I do as I have been enjoying what I have seen here, Thanks to all.
Anirudh.. 10 years ago
Mark me in... i am really lookin fwd to learn a lot frm here
Williamsburg's Wren PRO 10 years ago
Excited to be part of your group - thanks Popotito for the invite!
Howard County Scenes [deleted] 10 years ago
Hello everyone, I am excited to share with this group!
alexlabastida 10 years ago
hi everyone im new here and a newbie in photography.
safoocat 10 years ago
my shadow picture needed a pool and this is the one i chose.
lauren.rabbit 10 years ago
I decided to play. Hello.
A. Hyman Photography 10 years ago
im new in here
trayambak the newbe 10 years ago
hi people ................ get in my profile
like it ...............praise

.don't ............. loathe

but plase come ........... all are cordially invited
René Wetzig 9 years ago
Hey everyone, I'm also new to both photography and this group ;-)
Erick Strange Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Erick Strange (member) 9 years ago
hello everybody! i'm a new member as well. but i have a problem... how can i send a photo to this group? I couldn´t do it untill now. Please help me :)

delphineR2M [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm also new! Bonjour everybody!
riyel_picture{} 9 years ago
hello everyone... i'm newbie in photography... glad to meet y'all here... ^_^v
Marina85 9 years ago
Hi everyone ! So as you guest....I'm new to the group as well :) Nice to be here! I want to learn more about taking a good "light and shadow" photo, or a good photo in general, 'cas i'm new in the art of photography.
Wesley Danes 9 years ago
Hello there! I'm new as well!
Tere Tere 9 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm very happy and I hope you like my photos.
bye, bye
Lauren Panichelli 9 years ago
I'm new tew!
i hope you like my shadows like i love yours!
Nikkireginaldo 9 years ago
hello im new at this so can you help me out?
Ram Manoj [deleted] 9 years ago
Searching for some good groups, I think I found one.
Pagan Moth 9 years ago
new2! hello peoples!
hola from bombay. still to upload a picture here.
hummingbird333 9 years ago
Hi - I'm new here and not a pro - but I do love shadows and reflections and after putting up an album I did a group search to see if something like this existed ... and so I landed here
nineteen-eightyfour PRO 9 years ago
Pretty much the same as the post above me. I just recently took up photography, and I'm still learning. But I love light and shadow photos.
HelenCE PRO 9 years ago
New to this group and I too love lights and shadows and lines. Wonderful shots here!
[WildChild] 9 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm new too... ciaoooo!!!
MarCoPASqua 9 years ago
Hi at all - Salve
lieto di partecipare
meirin oei 9 years ago
Hello everyone,
newbie here...
I'm from Taiwan
artyeva PRO 8 years ago
hi everyone - there's some really cool images here - hope i'm worthy!!!
abbs09_ctrl1 8 years ago
I'd really appreiciate some feedback on my photos. I am super amature and use my small little Nikon Coolpix digital camera for most of my shots. ENJOY! :) And happy photo hunting :)
zeze57 PRO 8 years ago
Hello, I'm jos from the Netherlands. Lights and shadows, it's the thing where photography is all about. I like to discover the play of lights and shadows. And with some luck, I can capture it.
Edmonton-all 8 years ago
So wonderful to discover this group. I'm a photographer and journalist from Canada. I enjoy capturing the beauty of everyday scenes, as well as the gritty and unusual. Recently I began working with models and found an amazing fit. Shadow and light is a mantra for me - working in television as well as photography I'm always conscious of the quality and brilliance of light as well as how the shadows play. I'll post a few here and would love feedback. I'm also interested in discussions about light, light sources and interesting approaches to using light and shadow. Great to be here.
drade388 8 years ago
Hi I 'm Adelina from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
So glad to have found this group!
jstewie 8 years ago
Hi everyone! I love this subject matter andI hope you enjoy the photos I have taken,
Scudgie 8 years ago
Another Canadian here! Hope you all like my photostream. Looking for ward to networking with you. :o)
Dima Veselov 8 years ago
I'm a new from...Russia =)
polgilberto 8 years ago
Hi from UK. Look forward to viewing all the work here.
ana_mcfs [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi im from Venezuela and I love the photgraphy
Nice to meet you all =)
josephchan749 8 years ago
Hello from Toronto, I'm a photo junkie, most of the time with a camera to capture wotever! Cheerio!
Rwebb pics PRO 8 years ago
hey.. glad to find a place to post shadows and see others. the work here is great, well done every one
Hi from Paris, France. Glad to find this group, cheers !
lielielie 7 years ago
Hi from Tokyo,Japan. よろしくお願いします
piaoletta 7 years ago
Hi everybody!! i join this group right now i hope you like my pics, i'm lookin yours and they're freaking me out!!

i'm from italy!

mrs mujtaba 7 years ago
i every 1 !! iam a very new in flikr. iam not a good photographer but lov to take pics ..

from pakistan .

have fun ..
yoko chiyoko 7 years ago
hello! great photographers are everywhere!
C. Mason 7 years ago
Hi, I chose this group because alot of my images utilize the extremes of available light and the beauty of dark shadows. I look forward to seeing others work that do the same : D
michellefeldman 7 years ago
Hi. I am a new photographer. Well, just new on Flickr and to this group. I would really appreciate if you would check out my photostream and leave comments. You can even contact me.
laurasantry 7 years ago
hello, im new on here too and i'd love if you could check out my work and give me your opinion, which i would then do the same for yours :) thanks!
R Kydd PRO 7 years ago
Hi, im new here too, somre great photos added to this group!! :)
Hi Derek here enjoy looking and enjoy my work as well , cheers cya
Miguel Vivanco 7 years ago
Hi everbody, i´m miguel and i invite everbody to see my work

im from chile, 22 year old and studing to be a professional photographer.

see ya "!
albucaspiralis 7 years ago
Hi everyone!!
I join this group right now from south of France; i am not a really good photographer but I love to take pics
As I do with yours, I would like if you see my pics, you give me your comments.
Pedro.SM 7 years ago
Hi. I new here. Salute you from Chile
capturemylife<3 7 years ago
Hi. I'm Kayla and I'm an inspiring photographer! I am also a new member and I love taking pictures. Comment on my pictures! I will gladly comment on yours. :)
Riccardosky82 7 years ago
hi everyone...i hope to post some good shot and share them with u!
enjoy and comment my picture, i will to yours!!!
BT (adieu) 7 years ago
Hi! feel free to pop by my stream :)
Bonjour tout le monde. Hi everybody.
FIDDYONE PRO 7 years ago
Light and shadow what could be more enticing to an old arty type amateur snappist..... would appreciate any comments to be had
jokerswild1963 6 years ago
New Member:screen name jokerswild1963
home town-PlantCity,Fl.
NANAis7 6 years ago
Hi!Glad to find out this beautiful group...I hope you'll like my (few) pics, I'm not a pro. Have a nice-full of light :)- day!
KelvinfromKS [deleted] 6 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm new here too. Great to see your work. Appreciate your comments.
Little My2 6 years ago
I'm new and amateur but I hope you like my pics :)
Kerityan [deleted] 6 years ago
Hi, I'm new and hope you all will appreciate my work as I do yours.
simple-T 6 years ago
hi! i'm a new member too. i hope you like my photos. all comments are appreciate. I am happy to be here
Haniutka 5 years ago
Hi :) I've also just joined the group. I'm still learning and hope to find some inspiration here. Greetings from Poland!
Hello World. :)
Hello to all !
j.amie. 5 years ago
lovely group :0)
RachFaceDPT Posted 5 years ago. Edited by RachFaceDPT (member) 5 years ago
Hello, I'm Rachael. I'm originally from Boston, MA, but am currently living in England. Love all the talent this group is showcasing! Check out the few photos that I have uploaded so far, using my Nikon D3100. More to come. All comments, tips, critiques are appreciated!
Mike d(-_-)b 5 years ago
Hi all, I'm Mike. Had a quick look around and there's some great work on display here! Loving low light, shadows, night photography etc. Glad to be on board!
Kelly Renée PRO 5 years ago
Greetings from Austin, TX... some very nice work here! Hope to learn a thing or two from all of these images. I have had a dslr for less than a year now so any critiques are helpful to me. Thanks!
*a_a* PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by *a_a* (member) 5 years ago
I'm new here...all the best for all of you...
Kind regards from Portugal...
I am new to the group... originally from Indiana now I live in Florida
Nams82 4 years ago
Wassup everyone?
LightBox32 [deleted] 4 years ago
Hello from the high desert of Central Oregon. I'm new to the group and am excited to find a group dedicated to one of my favorite subjects. I'm already inspired by your photos. PRO 4 years ago
We are Sandeepa and Chetan travelers from Mumbai, India. We use Canon EOS 5D and 24-70 f 2.8 Lens. We are extremely happy about the results.

Our photo-stream is the story of our travels as we try to discover the world around us, our neighbourhood and ourselves.

We plan to travel, first within India and then around the world.

As we set on our journey to see what's out there and in the process find something new within, we want to tell you all our stories.

And we hope that through our travel stories we will inspire others to make their dream into a reality.

You may license some of our images on Getty Imgages. More images will be coming soon.

All the best to you for your journey as a photographer.

Love Sandeepa & Chetan.

To read stories behind the photos  visit Tumblr blog :
Chris ~Marcos~ Heinrichs [deleted] 3 years ago
Hello! :-)

I am also in this forum and i ❤ it :-) feel free to critique my work or comment on my photos :-) i would really appreciate that :-)

Thank you!
José Hidalgo 3 years ago
Hello from Spain!

He visto fotos fantásticas en este grupo. Espero que las que suba estén a la altura.

Yucco B 2 years ago
Hello everyone! I've been loving taking photos, but I'm kinda beginner for the camera. Looking forward to seeing a lot of nice photo and I could learn something from this group. Thanks.
Fotofolia 5 months ago
Hello I'm Michaël from France 38yo. Amateur Photographer.
i hope you like my photos. all comments are appreciate. I am happy to be here
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