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tdub303 ADMIN June 11, 2012
Please keep the images to light painting. Traffic trails or star trails are also acceptable but the group is primarily a light painting group. Please contribute to the discussion when you can. IMPORTANT: The discussions are a great place for discussion and debate. Unfortunately, being the internet, it can get out of hand for the odd person and if you are not comfortable with a thread do not view/post in it.

Group Description

Please check out the Light Junkies Thread Directory for tutorials, ideas, and information. Hit up Cracklight District to see some great shots taken from this pool.


Hey fellow light junkies. This group is about light graffiti, light painting, light writing and lights in motion. You may post photos or video. Please feel free to invite people or pics here. The more people we have the more inspiration and knowledge we will gain so try to invite new people so we can grow this group into a great resource for techniques and inspiration. The group is growing quickly and it has turned into a database for techniques and tools used in light painting. Please feel free to write tutorials or information threads to help the database grow. If you are new please introduce your self here!

I hate to write this but I guess the group name is slightly misleading. We are not looking for pictures of lamps, plain old light bulbs, well lit studio done portraits, and pictures of sunbeams streaming through the trees, only things that feature light with movement. If you are unsure of whether your photo fits this group or not, take a quick look through the pool as guidance or post it anyway. If your photo is removed from the group, please do not be offended.


Please try to comment on photos in the pool, copy the code below and paste it after you leave a comment. Don't just paste this without including your own comments, because that's not really a comment is it? =]. Comments & Discussions are what a keep a group going, please contribute to the group, not only with images, but with comments and discussion too!

No images or crappy graphics will show up just a link back to this group.

<a href=""> Seen in "light junkies" </a>

Thanks to users that are using the code!!! It is much appreciated.

-Use Light Graffiti in your Artwork
-Light Stencils
-Gels: an idea!!!
-Making Letters
-LED Wiring
-Car Driving Shots
-Homemade Cathode
-Flash Diffuser Idea
-DIY Gel Holder
-Paint Brush
-Perfect circles/discs
-RGB LED strip
-Bright Orb Tool
-Steel wool

-Tool Ideas
-Shutter Remotes
-Gels; what to use and where to get them
-Storing Gels?
-Portable Power!!
-Clear & Focused Pictures...




#1 - Traffic Trails
#2 - Abstracts
#3 - Stencils
#4 - Writing
#5 - Stick Figures
#6 - Silhouettes
#7 - Light Orbs
#8 - Horror aka The Light Mafia
#9 - Wire Wool
#10 - Star Trails

If you would like to contribute a tutorial to this project please feel free to do so. Any small tip or technique would be truly appreciated....

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Group Rules

Welcome to Light Junkies.

Before you click "Join this group" please read the description below very carefully about what kind of group this is.

This is a LIGHT PAINTING group. DO NOT post sunsets, light fixtures or bulbs, bokeh or anything other than light painting. If you are unsure please check through the pool starting from the 3rd page to see what images are accepted.

Traffic and star trails are also acceptable but this is primarily a light painting group.

This group is a tight community bound together by a passion for the niche art of light painting. If you are not familiar with light painting this group is probably not for you.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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