Don Giannatti (aka wizwow) 2:33am, 19 June 2010
Here we can discuss the shooting to layout contest thing.
How does one go about setting an ice cube on fire?

Rocky Lee
Bill Millios 6 years ago
You could always freeze alcohol into a cube, then light it on fire.

A pure alcohol cube will freeze about -114 C. That's pretty cold. You're not going to get that in your home freezer.
Stephen Crowers 6 years ago
I don't know - but don't use thermite
eduardo_frances 6 years ago the first article that appears on a google search :)
I used lighter fluid. It burns quite hot and quick. be ready.
take the ice cube and drench it in lighter fluid - you should have about 1.5 seconds of flame
Ummmm, Im not sure what firery ice cubes have to do with the contest......but. anyway. Im assuming we are shooting Fresh for the contest and only submitting the shot itself to fit the parameters, meaning NO collages and actually adding the text etc. ??
willwohler 6 years ago
Do we have to add the headline and text or will that be done after the photo is chosen?

NO. Leave the area, we will add the type. Thanks and good luck!
eduardo_frances Posted 6 years ago. Edited by eduardo_frances (member) 6 years ago
@Foxpony: The idea AFAIK is to learn to shoot with text in mind but you will only leave the space for text in your composition but not adding it yourself.

Think of a concept or idea you would like to shoot like and go from there to plan for the look and feel you are after and get everything you need (MUA?, Hair Stylist? Food Stylist?, Models?, Food?, location?, Props?) and how you plan to put everything together creatively.

It could be a layout of drinks (enter the fiery ice cubes),
it could be about the latest trend in male or female fashion,
it could be of the best simple and healthy recipes for bachelors,
it could be for the editor´s picks on great carpenter tools to have around your house,
it could be the top ten electronic gadgets women love with the Web 2.0 in mind (oriented to professionals or students as an example),

True the theme is presenting a new artist thanks to those who pointed it out :)

The thing is how creative you are and how you respect the layout Wiz (which in this imaginary setting is the editor of the magazine) has established as a must into the composition of your photo.
Steve SJ Collins 6 years ago
eduardo, maybe you could help me fill in a blank (or more).

I understand the blank space with the template, but I guess I'm more interested in knowing if the way Don is presenting this is similar to the industry? And with that, if we have been given an assignment, wouldn't we have more of a feel for what the text will read? Be it from us (photographer), the AD, CD? I'm calling this an assignment (in lieu of contest - treating it for learning) because I just feel like I should know a bit more than I do about the feel for the page. Or shouldn't I?
Paris_Photography [deleted] 6 years ago
eduardo_frances... I thought the theme was 'introducing a new artist'.
eduardo_frances 6 years ago
@Paris: Yup corrected it :), thanks.

@SJ Collins: Really similar, the client will tell you what they need and how they have planned the layout, sometimes they will go and tell you exactly (bit by bit) what they want based on what they will write, sometimes they only they give the idea and leave you to decide what would be the best way to do the photo creatively. In the real deal they will tell you what will be in the text (or what is the idea that will be written) but the thing is that in a contest like this pitching a predetermined text would only narrow what you would do (everyone would follow the same pattern from the text).

So your job here isn`t to worry about the text (think that what you will do will be around the imaginary text), is to find a really awesome way to present an artist, remember if there was some text given by Wiz it would only limit the scope and right now the idea is to get the creative juices of the shooters to be flowing a whole lot :), the idea is pitched you are going to portray the new artist so the text would be around that. It could be a: painter, ballet dancer, photographer, opera singer, Violinist, country singer, tap dancer, that is now up for you to decide.
Ranger_9 6 years ago
For SJ Collins:

I've done this kind of project a few times, and often the writer is working on the text WHILE the photographer is working on the image. The editor gives the writer a word count for the text, while the photographer receives a guide layout that may be nothing more than a pencil sketch with a few squiggles on it. It's necessary to plan all this in advance because the publication will have a fixed-size "content hole" that's determined by how many ad pages are sold.

So, the type of scenario Don is presenting in this contest is very realistic in terms of how this is done in industry!
Since the theme is to introduce a new artist, the 'spin' of the article is assumed to be positive.

Some magazines (like news and commentary) may give the photographer a heads up on the slant of the story - and even that the subject may not be aware of... For instance, a negative story is being written, but the pretext to get the photograph is that it is a positive story...the photographer may be privy to the slant and work to get a non-flattering shot to be used.

Personally I think that is crap-journalism and do not work with people who do that.

But in this instance, we are announcing the new artist - something that is positive.

I didn't get real granular with the text so that it would NOT become a problem for the shooters... if I write a bit of whimsical text and someone takes it literally, then the image becomes more about the text than the image itself.

We will dummy in text with the winning shot to make the image have more meaning... probably working a little backward from standard practice. But of course we wouldn't have opened a contest for the shot in standard practice.

To recap:
Positive story.
We will add the text.
You simply fill the area with a shot we can do that with.

Thanks for great commentary.
SJ Collins

normally you would, but by necessity that not everyone will be presenting the same kind of artist (singer, painter, poet) I feel it is better to keep it open than to add the 'granularity' that could cause even more confusion.

epatsellis 6 years ago
I don't know Don, there's an awful lot of larger companies employing design or photography "contests" to gain content, especially on CL. They dangle the carrot of a future job (at around 1/10th the usual rate) to get newer creatives to send in concepts and images. I think it sucks, personally. The local hospital here did that very same thing, and I wrote a heck of a letter to the president of the hospital, I don'k know if it made a difference, but they did stop running the CL ads.

Great Idea on the contest, now where is my acetate and sharpie..
(I still do mostly LF work.)
Steve SJ Collins 6 years ago
Everyone, thank you for the feedback. It makes a whole lot more sense now with a realistic (industry) comparison, I just felt like we were working a bit backwards and Don confirms that can be the case. And it makes sense to keep the contest as simple as possible, yet this scenario too could be all you've got to go on.

Now if I can just convince his parents we won't drop his cello in the pool
Just for the record, the exif data on my image will prove I did not steal DH .s(strobist) idea for my submission...... :)
Ranger_9 6 years ago
epatsellis wrote: "I don't know Don, there's an awful lot of larger companies employing design or photography "contests" to gain content, especially on CL."

What is "CL"?

I didn't really get the gist of your post, but this is not a rights grab contest. I state that the images will be deleted at the end of the contest, the only rights I need are to be able to display them for the duration of the contest and the winning shot as 'winner' for next contests and PR.
Eric Fialkowski 6 years ago
Question about the model release. If the one I use states that the images will only be used for promotional/portfolio usage, is that OK? (Releases still vex me.)
Eric Fialkowski

Von Wong 6 years ago
Question: when's the final submission date deadline? I just noticed this maybe I can scrounge up a fun concept =]
End of the week, but we may have a one week extension because one of my judges has a big gig pending. Watch for it.
Von Wong 6 years ago
Cool beans, thanks Don.

Gonna attempt to throw in a shooting this weekend XD
lauriemarie01 PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by lauriemarie01 (member) 6 years ago
Should we include a description (separate from the image) to tell what type of artist etc. Some submissions may be more conceptual than literal. I just saw the post about the contest late last week and took advantage of an already planned shoot that involved actual humans. I had to get a little creative with my concept.
We have Extended the deadline to 8/8, but it will not be extended after that. Timeframes.

Yes, that is a good idea.
Von Wong 6 years ago
Yay, I will participate =]
SupRspi 6 years ago
Totally going to give this a go. I'll have to fake the light a bit, as my triggers I just ordered will not arrive in time to shoot this remote, but a careful arrangement of reflectors and fill cards should do the trick. Now, to come up with an idea......
Von Wong 6 years ago
haha I posted and actually forgot to send the final result... oops XD


Oh well, it was pretty challenging nevertheless...completely different from what I normally do.

Was nice !
dulgee v.2.0 [deleted] 6 years ago
and the winner issssss?
We will get the results from the judges soon.

Thanks to all who participated
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