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This is a forum area for discussing several aspects of Lighting Essentials.

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Please post lighting information on the images you post. It makes it far more interesting for those who are wanting to learn how to control light in photographs.


  • STICKY  Setups and BTS (And other useful doo doo)

    Be as brief as possible in the descriptions. I anticipate that this could possi...

    www.nickgiron.com51 months ago62 replies

  • STICKY  Inspirations

    Post a link to a discussion thread here for work or photographers that inspire. ...

    www.nickgiron.com53 months ago24 replies

  • STICKY  Posting to discussion threads

    Follow the pics and stellar drawing Untitled Untitled Untitled

    www.nickgiron.com62 months ago1 replies

  • STICKY  Project 52 assignments. All groups

    Click the links to go to your groups threads Project 52. Summer Pro Pr...

    www.nickgiron.com63 months ago0 replies

  • Comment Code

    Much admired in

    jaciii (off&on)2 months ago0 replies

  • The old LE group to be reborn?

    I remember how this group launched me professionally!

    ericm14617 months ago7 replies

  • Off camera flash using ETTL

    I have been trying my Sony A9 out with my YONGNUO ETTL flash triggers one on a S...

    Macro200916 months ago2 replies

  • Shepherd FM1000 Flash meter Question

    Posted this over @ Strobist and didn't get much help. Maybe someone here has act...

    Photopaul6529 months ago5 replies

  • wtf?? what has happened???

    umm, did I miss something? where is everyone?

    Edward Yezekian (EY Photo)30 months ago16 replies

  • Testing Light Modifiers

    So I finally armed myself with patience and a model and tested several modifiers...

    MSalup37 months ago0 replies

  • K.C. Armstrong

    Noticed a photo on a sports page and had to look this guy up. I'm impressed. ww...

    Stephen Coyle38 months ago0 replies

  • Month of July

    Almost over. Ooooops

    www.nickgiron.com43 months ago7 replies

  • Month of June

    I had some free time in June, so I decided to work on 'product' shots a bit. I h...

    camcleat44 months ago1 replies

  • Input on portable reflectors

    Been a while since I posted here, but I'd like some advice from a group I trust....

    camcleat44 months ago4 replies

  • Month of May, P52ers

    Last "week of" was 20th April.. Should we go Month of May, june, etc..?

    Rangefindergeneral46 months ago4 replies

  • Week of April 20

    So, what have all of you been up to this week? I spent last week at Star Wars...

    FenwickArtPhoto46 months ago7 replies

  • Flickr/Yahoo Licensing

    Hi All, Has anyone had experience dealing with the newish Flickr/Yahoo photo ...

    ehodgesphoto46 months ago0 replies

  • Week of 13th April

    My trip to Devon was a total bust.. Rain stopped play so we just got wreaked all...

    Rangefindergeneral47 months ago5 replies

  • OT: photo art reaches new heights

    The latest photograph to set the price record. It seems that the lesson here is ...

    RB (Bob) Jones47 months ago0 replies

  • Week of April 6th

    I'm surprised to find no thread for this week, so here we go. :) How about y...

    FenwickArtPhoto47 months ago2 replies

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