Ruricu 12:26am, 30 August 2010
So it's been recently made necessary for me to keep close track of my cpu/gpu temperatures, and I'm unaware of any Rainmeter skins that accomplish this. If you know of some, what are you favorites? If Rainmeter doesn't do this well, what applications do you use to fulfill this that are easily customizable to fit a desktop config?
Karen MacInnis [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Karen MacInnis (member) 8 years ago
I asked over at for you, and Chewtoy gave this reply...

For the CPU there is CoreTempPlugin (only works on XP [and perhaps lower]) and the use of speedfan. There are several skins out there.

For GPU, you could use GPU-Z, have it write to a log and parse that log. There's a topic regarding that here:
That topic might be for the GPU load, but it will monitor the temp as well and should be written to the log. So one could use that.
Or you could use SpeedFan for that as well. If you want a skin example:

Hope that helps!
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