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scarlett_ribbons ADMIN December 13, 2007
Members may post up to 15 photographs in the group pool each day, that equates to over 5,000 per member per year!!!

If you wish to invite others to join the group please do so an invite code can be found at the bottom of the front page along with the group comment code.

Group Description

Exactly what the title says. All aspects of life through a camera lens!

Life Thru A Lens. Get yours at

Comment code:

<a href="">
<img src="">
This Superb photo was seen in <b>Life thru a lens</b></a>


Invite code:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
<b>Please Consider Adding Your Photograph To Our Group</b><a href="">
<b>Life Thru A Lens</a></b>
<b>You may tag your photo as "Life Thru A Lens"</b>

Group Rules

About this group:

Simple Rules Only:

For every photo you post in our gallery please leave a comment on other photos - tit for tat - if you like.

ABSOLUTELY NO NUDITY (This includes Female Topless).
No Graphic Violence or Obscenities.
If you choose to display photos which are of an adult nature please place them within Flickr Groups where they are acceptable.
Any of these types of photos will be deleted.

Sequence Photographs: If you wish to post a sequence of photos to the group, it would be appreciated if you would only post three photos from the sequence in any one hour of the day, this is to give other members a chance to post their photos too. If you post more than three then the Administration and Moderators are at liberty to remove the photos. Please remember if people are interested in your photo sequence they will look at the rest of your photostream to see the rest of the photos contained in that sequence.

We are a FAMILY FRIENDLY Group :)

Please do not just post and run. People caught doing this will be removed from the group.

Please do not feel you have to comment on the photo just before or after yours. You may comment on any photo you wish. It would be very nice and very much appreciated if you could add to the bottom of your comment the group name "Life Thru A Lens". This way the member knows that their photo was actually viewed in the group that they took the time to post in. It is also a great way for promoting our group to others. A Link will be provided but I am still working some bits out and I thank you for your patience with regards to this matter.

This group was created with hopes of providing a friendly place for photographers from around the world to share their photos and to show others the beauty that they can capture with just a simple click of a button. You may be as creative with your photos as you like or as simple as you like. Life Thru A Lens is a group for everyone regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. Everyone is always welcome here at Life Thru A Lens group.

We like to encourage members to drop into the discussion forum and say "Hello" occasionally. We hope you enjoy being a member of the group.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 15 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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