libraryman PRO 4:29am, 23 July 2009
If any of you are feeling creating or want to submit a quick video for us to include in our Library 101 video, that would be great! A couple things that might help you make a more useful video for the project:

1. The song will be fast. Showing lots of 0's and 1's going by quickly is very good!

2. Short videos are best. Five seconds is good amount. Multiple five second or less videos could all be included but unless they are especially remarkable, longer video submissions will likely be edited down.

3. Grouping 1's together and then grouping zero's and then 1's again is good. "101, 101, 101. 101, 101" just the way it sounds when you read that. :)

4. Creative is good!

5. One of the visual themes of the video, in addition to the pictures and the zeros and ones we are using are the basic colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo, plus white, pink and grey.

We'd LOVE to get your video submissions to include in the Library 101 video!!
Bobbi Newman 7 years ago
Told the staff about this this morning, I think they are planning something with the green screen!
libraryman PRO 7 years ago
WOO HOO!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it!
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