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Jair Ribeiro BR 11:44am, 20 August 2006
These are my 20 favorites pictures from my photostream...

I really love these pics, because they're really means something for me...

It's not easy to choose between more than 3100 photos, but I'm trying...

***************** TOP 3 ****************

1- Andresa at the Arno River, Florence * I think this one is my favorite picture because I love the light and the smile...And maybe cause it's for me the first time I felt myself a photographer..

Everybody needs a best friend, right?

2- The man of the street * Simply one of the best subjects on my photostream.. I love this, I printed it, I show it everytime I can for my friends...

The man of the Street - 2

3- Myself / Fade 2 Black * A dark period of my life before the revolution, I love this shot because it is full of emotion and feeling exactly as I wanted when I made it..

Fade to Black

**************** TOP 10 ****************

4- My Best One * Ipatinga, Brazil, Parque Ipanema.. in one of my best moment of the last years.. on vacation in my hometown. I think this is a great shot.. the light, the colors, everything is amazing in this shot.

My Best one...

5- Aeroporto di Madrid, going to Brazil on vacation...* I love it because it makes me dream..

Private Jet... maybe one day... A Dream

6- It's time to play - Ipatinga/Brazil * I always wanted to make Soccer Pictures and in Brazil is so easy to make nice shots like this, futebol is everywhere there..

It's time to play...

7- Symbolic light of life * I remember: I was alone at home, so sad and desperate when I turn of all the lights, took a lantern, the tripod and an egg to composite this shot that represents my desire of life, my will to live... and maybe reborn... A great Shot

Symbolic light of life

8- Paula and the Strawberry * On the train, me and Paula, we were eating some strawberries when I had this idea... when I make the shot I imagine the cut-out and the post-production exactly as we can see here.. An interesting shot..

Paula and the strawberry

9- Details of a Friend * In the same train, I was taking pics of Paula, when I did this one.. a great ad for Nikon as someone said..I really love this shot.. maybe 'cos it represents the beggining of my love for Paula

Details of a friend

10- Everyday is time to take a picture * I love the light and my expression in this shot... me, myself and tripod..

Everyday scenes

**************** TOP 20 ****************

11-Lavender Smell * It's so good to fall in love again.. this shot is the exactly moment I felt this about Montelupo Fiorentino, an amazing city that she wanted to visit to see a ceramic fair..

Lavender Smile

12-A rainy day in Florence * I was in my apartment when started to rain a lot, people started to run away, I opened my window (4th floor) and I saw this guy with your colored umbrella..and point and shoot.. post production,cut-out and upload.. a success!

A rainy day in Florence

13- Shaving her legs under the sun * Paula uses an electric shaver to epilate her our apartment backdoor.. Amazing light and composition

Shaving her legs under the sun

14- Now we are free * An important day for me and Paula, when we decided to live together and be together, free and with love. I really love the composition and the colors of this shot.. her arms and jeans are amazing here..

Now We Are Free

15- Palazzo Vecchio * Florence/2005 - one of the most beautiful shots that I did from my city in Italy.. the sky is amazing..

Palazzo Vecchio

16- The two tourist * Florence/Italy This shot is amazing.. I love the strong feeling between this couple of tourists...

San Lorenzo Church and Canonici Cloister

17-The Barcelona's Zoo * Amazing colors and composition... and unforgettable moment..

The Barcelona's Zoo

18- My angel * It could be an advertisement picture or something like that.. she's so nice and natural..

My angel

19- That's me, myself and I* Maybe my best self-portrait.. I love the colors and my expression..I was really happy in that moment in Brazil

That's me, myself and I

20-Bedroom stories - Color Version * It means: ok. now we are together.. I love it for that!

Bedroom stories - Color Version

Comments are really welcome... in the pictures or here in the topic..

taylorkoa22 12 years ago
#6 is absolutle amazing and by far my favorite of your stream.....I would have to say it is perfect. Thanks you for sharing

DaveWilliams PRO 12 years ago
Really excellent work, everytime I pick a favourite I see another and then can't decide. What I love about your photos is the lighting is often absolutely gorgeous and the composition original and fresh.
If I had to pick one it would probably be No.12 just for the wonderful composition and great use of colour.
spotted dogs [deleted] 12 years ago
I love them
prismatico 12 years ago
Great, excelentes fotos !!! saludos
sparkling calculator [deleted] 12 years ago
A great set of pics :-)
Jair Ribeiro BR 12 years ago
Thank you ALL
It's so nice to see that you like my work and it's so nice to know that people like you with the same passion about photographs just like me, can find in my pictures inspiration, emotions and happyness..

Thank you so much for the comments and for the contributes in my Group...

I'm trying to make it better everyday...
Jair Ribeiro BR Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jair Ribeiro BR (member) 12 years ago
So maybe Top 20 is not enough.. for me..
I think this pictures could deserve your attention because they're interesting...

What do you think???

Thank you all..



One day we were at home, she was studying and I was reading the IKEA cataloghe when I had the idea to use this lamp to take a picture using the only light spot.. something mistic and romantic..

Paula is always ready to make photos so..she help me so much in this..

in the darkness


Always with Paula, I started a Series about Eve (EVA) and the apple, first sin and things like that.. and this is one of the first try about it.. a close-up portrait with the Apple... everything started here..

My Personal Eve (The Sin)

And following the series.. I arrived in this shot,,, for me it represents what I did want for this idea.. I love it.

Eve (Final Version) (Apple included)


What can I say.. this shot shows what I am.. Ironic and self-concentrated hhahaha
This series was a creation exercises about real life, my favorite theme.

Men in a Box (What is your favorite????)

If you want to say what you think about them.. this is the right place..

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Mary B. Bloom 12 years ago
Yes i liked your pictures - they are real life captures and I think that is what photography is about - ciao Mary
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