TOP 20

Jair Ribeiro BR 10:34am, 20 August 2006
IMHO these are the 20 TOP PICS of the group..
it changes everyday...everytime...

you can comment, suggest, criticate, be shocked!

************* TOP 3 *************

1- London Routemaster Bus

2-Monk's Day Off


************ TOP 10 *************

4-YoYo Sunburst 8.17.2006

5-Blue Day at Lake Louise


7-Where do you want to to today?


9-Night Trip! (Where are we runnin'???)

10-Die Frau am Seil

************ TOP 20 *************


12-China Doll


14-Lory Parrots @ Ardastra Gardens


16-Umidità relativa 80%

17-Through the Round window


19-Lamps by the window

20-portrait of parrot

Thank youuuuuu! Congratulations!!!
B@ni 12 years ago
thank you very much for the liking and the visits :)
DaveWilliams PRO 12 years ago
OMG!! I am both surprised and shocked, to see by bus pic up there at the top (at least at the moment). I am deeply honoured especially coming from you, Liberoliber, whose photography I admire so much. Many thanks and congrats to everyone whose picture is here, there are some really stunning photos in this group.
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