Jair Ribeiro BR 1:33pm, 19 August 2006
Symbolic light of life

Hey.. welcome to the group..

If you are here, probably you want to share your best pics and maybe you know my photos and like it..maybe you are one of my +5000 contacts or maybe you do not know who you are and where you have been... so let me help you... I will guide you to the light...

It very nice to have you here.. as a part of this group...

I decided to create this group because the other one was too large and out of control, anyway it is one of the best group that I know.. because the level of the photographs there is very high... but now I want something new... with more energy and creativity

And I really want to make it here too.. I really would like to see here your best ones.. the TOP OF THE TOP of your pics...

This group will be my way to communicate with my contacts and with the world of Flickr...

Thank you so much for join the group... now is up to you make it a nice group...

ASUG 12 years ago
Thanks for inviting I'm happy for joining.
Chesil 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite, good to be here.
DaveWilliams PRO 12 years ago
Many thanks for the invite Jair, it's nice to be a part of the group.
AaronOrear 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite, though I admit I'm a bit mystified...I'm not all that good a photographer, really, especially compared to the folks on here. Nevertheless, I'll post what I've got!
can3ro55o 12 years ago
grazie per l'invito
INUTSI 12 years ago
Thanks for the Invite!
fearful locket [deleted] 12 years ago
Thank you for the invite.
You may want to join my own group, dedicated to my group addiction....
Ki'i O' Kapa PRO 12 years ago
MAHALO! I am honored to be a participnt.
Myha 12 years ago
Thank you for the invitation! An honor, truly...
difficult noise [deleted] 12 years ago
thanks bitzi for invitation
seams to be a very attractive pool !
honored too !!
tas_veer PRO 12 years ago
Thanks bitzi for the invite :)
Miguel Sant'Anna 12 years ago
Obrigado pelo convite!!
I'm glad to be part of your group!!
makeupanid PRO 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite! I was late too, on vacation :-)
Patrick Ciebilski PRO 12 years ago
Thank you for the invitation !
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