abiding earthquake [deleted] 9:55pm, 20 May 2011
If you guys are looking for some great railroad flicks in the Valley, you can check out the Norfolk Southern train yard on the east side of Allentown. It's where the freight cars that are going to be traveling through the valley are keeped, to be assembled into a train! There's hundreds of boxcars, reefers, etc. and you can get great engine flicks too. If you aren't familiar with trains, this will blow your mind!

It's located on the east side of atown as I said, right next to Keck Park, you can't miss it. NS does have rules though, when actually enter the yard, you have to get pictures from your car, you CANNOT exit the vehicle, and you cannot drive or walk onto the tracks, train cars are constantly being moved around, without signal. If you want to get an overview of the yard, you can get photo's from the road ( it isn't busy), from the wooded hill you'll see, or up next to the new apartment complex's that are being built. The yard follows all the way down to a small Bethlehem Yard next to the Steel. So yea check it out!

- Cliff
Mark McD Photos 7 years ago
great post, I've been looking for some new spots in the valley. it's a shame you can't exit your car though!
robotbrainz PRO 7 years ago
I didn't realize that you were allowed in the yard to take photos (even in the car)! That's pretty cool!
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