Lauren Garcia 1:37pm, 20 February 2011
Where are you favorite abandoned spots in the LV?
robotbrainz PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by robotbrainz (admin) 7 years ago
There are some great buildings along the Ironton Rail Trail in several spots. I also like finding abandoned factories and homes/businesses that have fallen into disrepair in Allentown. The abandoned PA turnpike segment is about 3hrs from the LV, and definitely worth the trip if you have a bicycle.

I geotag most of my photos, so maybe my Abandoned Stuff set will be of help to you!
Mark McD Photos 7 years ago
great info. there's a couple rather nice spots in Easton as well. One right next to larry holmes plaza (off of larry holmes drive).
there's a few others by church st and bank st area (at the far end) has one huge abandoned building.

none of which I've been able to get inside of, but all of which are great for some exterior shots.

if you find any great locations you can actually get into (and not arrested) let me know!
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