dietzy2320 9:20pm, 21 June 2009
For years and years my dad has collected antique cameras. He would rummage through countless flea markets, antique stores, etc. and has amassed a collection of cameras from the late 1800's to the 1960's that have included the old bellows style cameras, Brownie box cameras, flash kits, accessories, etc etc. Mostly focused on Kodak. No idea how this became a hobby of his, but he quickly ran out of room and years ago the collection was relegated to the attic. He literally almost has enough to start a museum of cameras!! Perhaps this was somewhat influential of my brother and I both having a love of photography.

He is now wishing to sell off the collection as it is just sitting in the attic. I think he would also like to roll the money over into a new dSLR. Thought I would mention it here as I know there are many here that enjoy cameras of all sorts and perhaps even a collector in our mix. I'll have to see if he can take a picture of the large assortment at some point to share as well. Questions or interest or know of someone that might be, let me know.
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