cyryus 3:14am, 12 June 2009
I grew up in Allentown but now live in Georgia; however, I am writing my life story and I could really use some pictures of my old neighborhood. If anyone at all has any pics of the old Stevens Elementary school (which I attended from 74-79) or the Steven's playground (which I understand is all that's left now), that would be such wonderful wonderful help! I've found one photo of my old house, posted by City Scholar, and it was an awesome treat to find! Any pics of the 6th and Tilghman, Park Street/Tilghman, 6th-7th and Allen Street area would help me a lot in writing all this. I'm thinking of relocating back home as well and would love to see what it all looks like these days! Thanks sooo much for posting all the pics thus far! They're great!

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