Lindsey (B) 3:26pm, 15 May 2009
AI saw some pics of these plaster people posed around this old covered bridge or something in Easton, I am dying to go there, but have not heard back from the poster about where they are... any ideas?
Ryan Smedstad PRO 9 years ago
No idea. Sounds interesting. Link?
Lindsey (B) 9 years ago
robotbrainz PRO 9 years ago
That's odd... where is this? Over by 611?
Lindsey (B) 9 years ago
No idea, Im hoping someone here will know. Im about an hour from Easton, but would drive there if I knew where to look.
Mark McD Photos 7 years ago
any link to the pictures? the ones you had posted do not work. I'm in Easton and always interested in new/fun stuff to shoot in the area. :)
Lauren Garcia 7 years ago
This seems really interesting. If you find out where they are located, let me know. (: I'm always looking for new things to take photographs of. (Don't mind the lack of photographs on my flickr. I'm working on adding my newer work.)
Mark McD Photos 7 years ago
Certainly, I may go hunting around. Given the "clues" of 611 from the older comments, maybe I'll try hunting around college hill / eddy side area?
locksmithjim 3 years ago
Try just west of 3rd St. on Bushkill Dr. I believe that is the building you are looking for
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