Angela (William's Mom) 3:37pm, 11 February 2009
I'll be moving to Lehigh Valley from Florida this summer. I've never lived farther north than Atlanta, GA so I'm sure my family will be a source of much amusement next winter! lol.

I've been browsing the PA groups and the images mapped in the area and WOW. Everything looks so different. I'm excited to get some new scenery. I love my beaches and all, but it's definitely time for something new.
Mark S. Images 9 years ago
Are you crazy?!?!?! LOL
I say that as I sit here freezing my tail off and wishing it was 90 and humid.
Actually you will find this an interesting area, especially if you like corn and cows. But, you are within a few hours of the urban jungles of NYC and Philladelphia. Lots to do and see and of course photograph.
Weather really isn't TOO BAD. It's not North Dakota anyway. And you will definately love the Fall.
lol! I don't have a choice, we're military! Buuut, while I may freeze in winter, at least the summers will be less murderous. lol.

All the waterfalls I'm seeing pictures of are exciting me. We don't have waterfalls around here. Or mountains. And I think snow should be exciting the first couple of times. I am nervous about having to buy three winter wardrobes before it gets cold next winter though!
Stephen Crowers 9 years ago
It's not that bad (usually) I moved from the Ft Laud area to here a few years back (holy cow has it really been over 10?) You'll enjoy that fact that there are four actual seasons this far north (I only remember 2 seasons - rain and steam - from growing up in SoFlo).

I don't remember there being that much snow in Jacksonville, so driving in winter will probably be "fun" the first time you do it.
Don't worry about having to buy winter wardrobes on a budget around here--the Lehigh Valley has plenty of resale and consignment shops, many catering to higher end merchandise.
excited manner [deleted] 9 years ago
Be sure to check out the Lehigh Valley Photography Club once you are settled in. We can be found here at or at our main site
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