r_s_v_h 8:18pm, 6 August 2008
I know a photographer that just got all but tossed from Musikfest. He was told that because he had a "professional looking" camera that he must register with Musikfest to be allowed to shoot. By registering and signing the pass you then promise to give all photos to Musikfest for use. He refused and left. Anyone else have an encounter like this?
Jeff Cushner PRO 10 years ago
That sounds like harrassment. After all, it isn't gated.. yet. That's like having a vicious looking dog that's a pussycat. To get back, take a cheap looking camera, take some GREAT shots and SELL them for big bucks! That'll teach 'em!
r_s_v_h 10 years ago
True...but they legally have no rights to do that. I think I'll go back with a 400mm lens and beg em to stop me.
chris03582003 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by chris03582003 (member) 10 years ago
As you seen from my photos that I shoot of trans-Bridge doing shuttle service ,nobody not even the drivers had said anything to me.But then again I been going it for many years when Mrs.T's was still handing out free pirogies. :)
robotbrainz PRO 10 years ago
At the paid concerts (RiverPlace) I think Musikfest can probably tell you not to bring a camera because it's treated as a normal concert venue. But as far as I know, for the rest of Musikfest... public streets, public festival... have a ball!
r_s_v_h 10 years ago
I agree. I'm going tomorrow and I will check out the press tent and see for myself. The lady on the phone at artsquest told me that I need a pass if I'm shooting anything but my family. She mumbled something about lots of logos and that somebody might ask me what I'm shooting. I laughed and told her that I am legally allowed to shoot whatever I please on a public street and said I would welcome anyone asking me what I'm shooting. I'll let you all know what the press tent has to say.
r_s_v_h 10 years ago
OK. The scoop is this:

If you are shooting anything other than your family or have a "professional looking" camera you must register with Musikfest at Press Platz. You are also then "required" to give a copy to Musikfest so that they may review what you shot. You retain the rights to your shots and they have no rights to use them. They told me that they simply wish to control their "image". I was told that this is a policy that has been in place and is not new. They also assured me that they stop everyone that isn't photographing their family and tell them to register.

I made sure to tell them that these "rules" are absurd, illegal and will not be followed by me. I think you all should do the same. This sets a nasty precedent and it should be stopped right now.
I agree with that!! It is a public place. I've never heard of anyone being stopped from taking photos there!! Bizarre!!! I can see not doing it at a concert (even though people do it all the time!!!) because it is stated on the ticket. Of course that doesn't stop most people anyway.
If that was truly a legal thing to do they would have to post it at all entrances!! I never heard of such a thing at MusikFest!!!
r_s_v_h 10 years ago
Same here, that is why I was so surprised. Call them and ask. 610-332-1300.
clammybrat 10 years ago
Yikes that is crazy! Glad I just brought my little powershot when we went today.

They need to expand on their FAQ page --
Are Cameras, Videotaping or Audio Recording Allowed?
No audio or video recording devices of any kind are permitted. Cameras may be used on the general festival grounds, but are prohibited in our stage areas.
crowded sail [deleted] 10 years ago
If you go and are a member of the Lehigh Valley Photography Club then all you need to do is show your club ID or tell them who you are and they will call me to verify it.

I had the run in with them yesterday after walking around for 2 hours 3 of them stopped me includding "Kim Plyler" who is the Director of Marketing for Arts Quest. I got them to let all our club members go with no other questions or press badges and such.

So go today and have fun with the biggest camera you have... Oh, you must be a club member or they will stop you.
crowded sail [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by crowded sail (member) 10 years ago
Oh, as far as being a public place... It is NOT... It is leased by Arts Quest for 10 days which by Law makes it a private place. All the streets and sidewalks ARE private for 10 days. You can see this lease in the security Trailer behind the channel 69 news tent.
r_s_v_h 10 years ago
Them leasing it makes it "private"? What about streets and sidewalks? What about Main Street? Broad Street? I think not. It ain't gated so I can shoot it. Which is what I told them. I shot, will shoot and, short of the police taking me away, there is nothing they can do. Oh I called the Bethlehem Police before I went there and they agreed. If I'm in the public thoroughfare...it's fair game. I'm confused as to why so many people are being so apologetic towards this absurd policy.
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