New Groups?

tasteful way [deleted] 4:12pm, 6 August 2008
Hey Guys,

Has anybody created any new groups worth checking out?
I have a Group devoted to Old 22, US 22 and I-78 on Flickr called "Old 22/US 22 Highway". You are welcome to add photos taken on or around 22 in the Lehigh Valley or anywhere between NYC and Cincinnati.
Ryan Smedstad PRO 9 years ago
I created a group called Macro Brew a while ago. Would love to have more people. Heck, I'd love to have another Mod or Admin or two.

The group is basically about taking close-ups or macro shots of beer or beer-related stuff. Kind of a niche group, I know, but feel free to join if you're interested ...
laurajane_photography 9 years ago
Check out this one. It's also a group that meets outside of flickr.
Lehigh Valley Christian Artists
brave soda [deleted] 9 years ago
Started a Pennsylvania Roadtrips group here on flickR feel free to join and add anything taken in pa. also a Lake Nockamixon group.
asdamick 9 years ago
LVnative PRO 8 years ago
one worth checking out is one i admin called Geotagged Pennsylvania.
LVnative PRO 7 years ago
I want to mention that in the geotag pa group just above there is a list of links for the state of Pa. And if you have any links that you would want added simply post. I am hoping that the geotag pa group could be a hub for links for the whole state.
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