secret bicycle [deleted] 1:26pm, 11 April 2008
if anyone is interested, tonight is opening night for a play at LCCC

Opening Night for
"The Breakfast Club"

will be this Friday at 8pm
in the Student Union of LCCC, Schnecksville

Showings are as follows(all at 8pm):
April 11 Friday- Opening Night
12 Saturday
13 Sunday
18 Friday
19 Saturday
20 Sunday- Closing Night

Cast List:
Andrew Clark (The Athlete): Jonathan Burns
Claire Standish (The Princess): Swan Vacula
Brian Johnson (The Brain): Ted Brown
Allison Reynolds (The Basket-Case): Erin Sebia
John Bender (The Criminal): Matthew Echevarria
Richard Vernon (The Principal): Joseph Golden

Tell All Friends and Family!!!
RePost Please!!! Get the word out!!
We cant officially advertise so we are counting on you guys!!!
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