jefg99 PRO 10:29pm, 17 February 2008
"This Group is for pictures taken in the Lehigh Valley Area of Eastern Pennsylvania. See bottom of the page for the Area Covered."
Just a this still applicable? That is, are photos here to be limited as much as possible to be those depicting scenes, places, things of the Lehigh Valley?
BrendaHustonFortna PRO 11 years ago
"The group is for picutes taken in the Lehigh Valley...."
That is probably the case. I'm new to Flickr and had the wrong group. I wish you and your Lehigh Valley Group happy captures. I will gladly remove myself from participation.
robotbrainz PRO 11 years ago
No need to remove yourself from participation! The photos in the group are to be taken within the Lehigh Valley, but please submit any LV photos!
crowded sail [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by crowded sail (member) 11 years ago
If you live in the Lehigh Valley or if you live in California... It does not matter, you can still be a part this group but pictures in this group must be of the Lehigh Valley area only...

You do not have to remove yourself as you live in the Allentown Area...
road_less_trvled 10 years ago
I dont live in the Lehigh Valley, but my wife and I love to drive around and explore up there (we are from around Pottstown) because we have pretty much run out of backroads to explore We have found the Lehigh area rich in history, scenery and roads less travelled. It will take us a long time to exhaust every quaint little town and village, so I will have many to post. (Yesterday we did Coopersberg, Limeport and Zionsville, just over the hill, so are these technically part of the Lehigh Valley?)
crowded sail [deleted] 10 years ago
According to what I have on the main page it is.. Post away...
road_less_trvled 10 years ago
Thanks for the confirmation, Rick. As soon as I get them uploaded I will post some.
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