dietzy2320 4:15pm, 3 January 2008
Just curious...

I have volunteered to do photography for several large events in the region and just had someone express interest in me doing another based on links to my Flickr photos I sent her. She responded and asked what my rate was. I said typically free but if she had money in the budget she could compensate me as she saw fit.

As I was thinking about this I wondered the following...

Do you volunteer your photography skills at no charge?

At what point should someone start demanding or asking for a fee?

To do a multi-day event involving several thousand photos taken, post processing (little because I don't do much), and photos to CD for the organizers, what is a going rate in the region?

I guess I enjoy it so I don't mind volunteering and it gives me a chance to practice and build a portfolio. And if I work this right because it is somewhat work related it might get me out of the office for a few days so I would technically still be getting paid.

Just curious on your thoughts.
crowded sail [deleted] 10 years ago
Answered you in a private flickrmail...
Louisd33 10 years ago
I generally shoot our car club events which could run up to four or five hours for the event, and it usually takes me several hours to edit, crop, downsize and upload the photos. But as you say if you enjoy it – it is not really work.

On the other hand, when you have to do something, it can quickly become work. Even a passion can become tedious, so I would take that into consideration if you are serious about setting a fee.

One would think that an hourly rate would be used as opposed to a flat rate, but then I’ve never arranged for anyone to do a photo shoot for me, nor have I ever charged.
locksmithjim 10 years ago
I think you should charge enough to cover your gas and batteries, etc, and a little more for wear on the equipment if you're an amateur. If you're thinking about going pro, you should charge what the market will bear.
That being said...I WOULD volunteer for a group that meant a lot to me, such as church or youth organizations that I or my family were involved in. But this sounds like a stranger contacted you. If they're looking for cheap labor then they are just taking advantage of you. I know this is not a definitive answer but I hope it helps.
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