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If you are interested in Photography and would like to learn new tricks and technics to take great photos then you may want to join our club, the Lehigh Valley Photography Club.

This club will meet 2 times a month with one meet being a regular meeting and photo sharing/judging. The other will be a photo shoot some where in the Lehigh Valley area. We are also planning trips out of the area so meets could be more than 2 times a month.

This is a Dues based club but dues will be low. We will have guest speakers and tips and tricks on all aspects of Photography.

Anyone can join and any camera is a good camera. You will learn to use and produce great photos from your camera no matter if it is a $20.00 point and shoot camera or an $8000.00 professional SDLR camera. All cameras are equal in this club as well as all members. There are photo contests every month with Trophies awarded.

You want to learn more then come on over to the Lehigh Valley Photography Club and sign up, ask questions and join in the fun... If you love Photography then you'll love the Lehigh Valley Photography Club
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Anyone interested in joining the Lehigh Valley Photography Club can get more information at:
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