jefg99 PRO 1:40pm, 12 December 2007
I hope this doesn't cause (or start) any controversy, as I mean it in a constructive and positive way.

Are there guidelines as to what photos to post on the site? That is, is it intended to document the Lehigh Valley (and perhaps activities of the LV Group), with photos shot in the area, or is it a gallery of photographs taken by people in the group?

The question arose when I posted something other than a LV shot, and I questioned myself about it. There is obviously a lot of talent among LV photographers posting here, and I enjoy seeing the variety, so that's not in question whatsoever. However, I can see the larger body of work by clicking on their photos here.

What is the intention of those who initiated the site?

Once again, I raise the question simply for clarification and guidance. Thanks.
geekninja PRO 11 years ago
There was a thread, since somehow deleted, where it was agreed that the group was for photos taken in the Lehigh Valley, as defined on the group homepage.
robotbrainz PRO 11 years ago
Yep, I believe we're going for photos pertaining to the Lehigh Valley. Like geekninja said, the Lehigh Valley [for our purposes] is defined on the main page. :)
crowded sail [deleted] 11 years ago
If you are a active member of the Lehigh Valley Photography Club and you go to the meets then you may post any photo that you want on that site, which is here... Other than that this site only accepts photos taken in the Lehigh Valley Area of the Lehigh Valley Area as defined on the main page at the bottom...

Hope this helps...
jefg99 PRO 11 years ago
I really like the idea of the two sites. The new site will be idela for commenting on the works of others in the group, and exchanging ideas.

I really like the idea of the two sites. Thanks for your good thoughts and diligent work.
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