StudioSmith Photography 8:03pm, 9 December 2007
To All:

It was wonderful to see such a large turn out today at Perkins. I hope that we can continue to meet on a regular basis. The idea of resurrecting the Lehigh Valley Camera Club is of great interest to me and I hope others share that sentiment.

To the Admins:

I would be more than willing to offer whatever help I can to get the Lehigh Valley Camera Club off the ground and running properly.

Happy Holidays to all!

- Andy
crowded sail [deleted] 11 years ago
Could use help on the "Events" part of it.... As in a person to make calls and get things organized... That I guess would be a major part of a photo group... We do need places to take photos and people to put it together... We administrators could do that all our selfs but it would really be a lot of work... So if you are willing to help we can use it... If we want to grow and get out there and learn from each other and from Professionals then we need help and support from all members...

purple number [deleted] 11 years ago
thanks for getting the group together today
It was a nice time.

I would be willing to help getting a museum trip together to New York or Philly

I have vacation between Christmas & New Years, any one interested in a trip to a museum?
crowded sail [deleted] 11 years ago
After December I can get vacation time again but not for this year anymore...
robotbrainz PRO 11 years ago
It was nice to get together and meet everyone today! Thanks again, eaglerm, for all you did to organize this!!
Shell65 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Shell65 (member) 11 years ago
I would love to go to either.
I have time off for Christmas also.
Let me know if you make plans for it Beth.
crowded sail [deleted] 11 years ago
You are welcome and thanks to all who showed up....

Heh, Beth.... Guess what??? I think that you just got yourself nominated to put together a day trip to a Museum.... If you need help talk to shell65 since she also has off... email me if you want something posted across the top...

secret bicycle [deleted] 11 years ago
i also have to say that brunch was fun. it was great meeting everyone! =)
We really had a good time!!! Somehow I just knew everyone wouldn't take JUST ONE silverware/napkin photo!!!
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