crowded sail [deleted] 3:38pm, 8 December 2007
I have been working on the design for T-Shirts for this group and I was just trying to decide on where to get them done... I know a person that just got a big embroidery machine and I am hoping that he can do them for me which would save a lot of money and all we would have to do is buy the shirts that we want the design on....

If anyone remembers the design that was agreed on before then that is the same one. I just had to buy a program to enlarge the design which I did today so now it is ready.

I am hoping to have Tees at least ready for the Spring. I would love to get Polo's and sweat shirts done but that may be awhile...

If anyone would like to see the design again then I will re-post them.

Myrtlebeachbum 11 years ago
I'll definitely get myself a T-shirt! :-)
crowded sail [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by crowded sail (member) 11 years ago
Samples of how they would look...


Patrick Kaine 11 years ago
Ric, you are considering embroidering this?

I wonder if screen printing would be more cost effective?

I have a great screen printer I work with and she has done many things for my business. Let me know if you want her info.

crowded sail [deleted] 11 years ago
Sure... I'll take the info..
gargladdy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by gargladdy (member) 10 years ago
i know this is very old.. but you could have just asked me for a larger copy of the design, as i did make it.. no need to go out and buy a special program. (too late now obviously)

maybe we can come up with another design? Did anybody ever end up buying these anyway?
pricey beginner [deleted] 10 years ago
I am a big guy....can they be polo's? I will pay the $$$.
Anything but white. It makes my butt look bigger :)
gargladdy 10 years ago
I really think you should keep the lehigh valley flickr group seperate from the LVPC group. they're both merging together and I find myself going to the lehigh valley group less now that it's basically just another site for the LVPC
robotbrainz PRO 10 years ago
I agree with gargladdy that the two groups seem to be merging. Each group has its place and purpose, so perhaps cross-posting should be kept to a minimum.
pricey beginner [deleted] 10 years ago
I'll third that idea.
I keep checking out three different locations for info.
gruvygirl22 10 years ago
Hey Guys & Gals,
It would be much more cost effective to screen print these shirts. My husband and I actually screen print. If you want to get them printed let me know and I'll get you a good price together. Just would need to know quanity and the type of shirt you decide on. Email us at
clammybrat 10 years ago
Yikes I haven't stopped by in awhile, but I just met a screen printer through my 3Day Cancer walk group. I could see about their pricing if you would like. Just let me know:)
lindsay.kempter 10 years ago
OOOH I want one! Are they ready yet? :-)
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