robotbrainz PRO 6:10pm, 21 November 2007
Hello Everyone!

There are some great photos in our group pool! I just wanted to suggest that more people geotag their photos (place them on the map) so we can see where they were taken. :)

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
Carol Warfel Miller PRO 11 years ago
Adding 'Lehigh Valley' is a good idea. I'll do that from now on. Geotagging... I am soooo far behind but I'll try. :-)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I am happy to say I spent the day back home in Easton! Hope to post the pics soon!
I have Geotagged a few of my photos. I think it is a fantastic idea!! My only impediment to doing all of my photos is that it takes so long....... I am already having to deal with painfully S L O W uploads from our one way cable modem service with Service Electric. If we had two way (upload and download) cable modem service I would be able to post a lot of photos quickly in batches. As of now I am able to upload a 1 MB photo size in 5 to 15 minutes which means I do them sporadically as I do my other chores!! Maybe I should take a CD full of photos over to my sister's house in Palmer and zap! them over to Flickr with her lightning fast RCN cable service.........
I have been adding the "Lehigh Valley" tag to any photos I take in the area and put on Flickr, even if I don't send them to the Group. I really appreciate the tagging feature, especially as I organize my personal photos in Flickr, an on-going massive project.
Loretta in Easton, PA (Plainfield Twp)
robotbrainz PRO 11 years ago
The batch organizer has some really useful features like adding tags to multiple photos at once, which makes it really easy to go back and tag TONS of photos. :)

Peachhead, I know what you mean about slow connection speeds. It's great that you stick it our to share your photos on here!
~scott 11 years ago
Thanks for the tip. I just used the organizer to drop my most recent uploads on the map, and it only took a couple minutes. Much easier than when we had to manually type in coordinates from the GPS!
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