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Peachhead (5,000,000 views!) PRO 1:27pm, 3 November 2007
I have been reading the discussion posts and I see that several people are disappointed that there isn't much group activity. Maybe we can get some people together at a central location such as Bethlehem Diner one weekend morning for a brunch? Any other ideas?
Loretta in Easton
A Sunday Brunch sometime before the holidays would be good..... We can set a date and hope some people will show up!! Any suggestions for a place? Should probably be centrally located.
Loretta in Easton, (Plainfield Twp, Kesslersville)
purple number [deleted] 11 years ago
I'm not sure about Sundays but "Loopers" on 3rd st in Bethlehem takes reservations......or maybe the brew works in Bethlehem

I'm getting together tonight w/5 people from some classes we took at Banana Factory together, I can let them know about this group also.
All of those places would be great!! Naz Diner and Hartman's are my favorites!! Naz Diner is a madhouse on Sunday mornings with lots of regulars so that might not be a good choice for a group of more than 6 people. There is a steakhouse just off 33 in Wind Gap that has a good brunch buffet but I can't remember the name of it. And of course there is Old Country Buffet in Whitehall...... I think our choice of venue will pretty much depend on how many are coming and where in the Valley the majority of us live. I would want to make a reservation for anything over 6 people and of course spouses/significant others should be welcome as well.
Loretta in Easton (Plainfield Twp)
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