geekninja PRO 6:31pm, 24 October 2007
I used to take pics of bands in small clubs back home, but I haven't been in a smoky dive bar in a while. Clothes smelling like stale beer, cheap cigs and vomit; good times, good times. anybody have any recommendations of places in the area where a) live music is played on a fairly regular basis, and b) they don't have a problem with someone taking pictures. I'm sure it's obvious, but I don't know the local bar band scene.
robotbrainz PRO 11 years ago
i don't know is croc rock would mind the picture taking. I don't think the Sterling hotel would have any problems with it, and they seem to get some good shows every once in a while. There are tons of small cafes with bands, but nothing frequent. Where is "back home" for you?
~scott 11 years ago
I've taken pictures at the Sterling before and no one's ever given me a hassle about it.
geekninja PRO 11 years ago
Where is "back home" for you?
Richmond. Not a great band town, but easy access to norfolk and DC.

Croc Rock has a specific statement on their website saying you can't without a pass from the artist, but I've been to a couple of shows and seen at least one person taking pics, so I'm thinking I might try. Never been to the Sterling.
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