Great visit

dietzy2320 6:03pm, 15 October 2007
I had a great little visit back to the Lehigh Valley area this weekend. I had a meeting in Bethlehem, PA and then got a chance to go out with my dad and take a few pictures. Little cold and windy, but a gorgeous weekend in the Lehigh Valley and Poconos area. Leaves could have been a little more changed, but can't control that.

Check out my pictures for photos of Bethlehem Steel, Indian Trail Trees, farms and fields in Plainfield Township, and my cousins soccer game at the Blue Valley Farm Show facility.

Too bad I wasn't around longer or maybe I could have hooked up with some of you guys!
Twobecameone 11 years ago
Glad you enjoyed our city! Come back and visit anytime.
dietzy2320 11 years ago
Well I am born and raised in Bangor and still have family in Roseto. So I have been to the area more times than I can count and will likely be back before too long...Christmas at the latest.
Carol Warfel Miller PRO 11 years ago
Hey, another transplant... I don't feel so lonely now :-)
I'm from Forks and still have relatives there, so like you, I get to visit often.
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