rangeelo2000 1:20am, 13 September 2007
Hi all ,
I just posted a picture called "The lonely road." This road is at the intersection of Krocks Road (the new Krocks Road) and the Route 222 Bypass in Allentown/Wescosville/ Sheppard Hills..WHATEVER town it falls under. I thought it would be cool it we all, as a fun and creative thing to do, (since none of us are bored with taking mondane pics all the time) If we take and post pics of construction sites, i.e. primarily road work, and we try and guess where it is !!??
Sound like a novel idea..try it lets see!!
Good luck every1
"With Shutters WIDE open !!"
dietzy2320 11 years ago
Good luck...not a very active group unfortunately
rangeelo2000 11 years ago
yes...i see that...it's a shame b/c we really have a nice setup here...
dietzy2320 11 years ago
and one of the larger cities/areas of the state too. Oh well.
trconrad2001 11 years ago
I like the idea. Perhaps we can shame Pendot into action on some of the worst ones :) (Rt 222 bypass is an obvious one).
rangeelo2000 11 years ago
i will try to have some tommorow....I just passed rt78 as u come into lehigh valley. They are closing off 2 lanes west bound tonight..man wht a traffic nightmare!!!
purple number [deleted] 11 years ago
ok here is a new one for the lonely road....

purple number [deleted] 11 years ago
anyone have a guess? hints needed?
heathkneller 11 years ago
route 611 in easton?
purple number [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by purple number (member) 11 years ago
no, not either
in the middle of the guesses...but where?
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