Food Favorites

dietzy2320 7:28pm, 12 July 2007
Out of either boredom or perhaps missing home a little (and maybe a little desire to see more activity here), I thought I would start this thread...

What are some of your favorite foods from around the Lehigh Valley or Poconos area? These can be either foods that you can't find elsewhere or something from a specific local restaurant.

My list:
Pasties - mmmmmmm my fav!
A-Treat Soda - specifically Birch Beer and Cream
Steak sandwhich from the Roseto Fire Department at the Big Time
Turkey BBQ from Daisy Dairy Bar in Wind Gap
Hoagie from Sal's Pizza in Wind Gap (love the bread they use)
Cheese pizza from Pen Argyl Pizza (no one out here serves pizza with that ultra thin crust)
Hot dog from Johny's Hot Dog Stand (ok...this might be NJ and not sure if they are even still around, but I was still thinking about it)
Good topic....

* Hoagies from Baldini's in Summit Hill
* Perogies from any Polish/Slovak church in the area

purple number [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by purple number (member) 11 years ago
crossroads pizza & steaks!

on main st in hellertown
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