keithfarszmil PRO 1:52am, 7 June 2007
Hi everyone,
It looks like I might be moving to the area in the next couple months for work. This is your opportunity to help an outsider learn a little bit about your area... tell me about the good, the bad and the ugly! Don't hold back!
purple number [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by purple number (member) 11 years ago
if you don't have allergies you will soon have them living here in the "valley" ;0)

But otherwise is a nice place to live, easy drives to NYC, Philadelphia, DC

Good places to eat., music (fest & celtic classic, concerts) & if you love the arts check out the banana factory for some photography classes

see you have dogs from you flickr site, I have a great vet that I go to, Cummings Veterinary Hospital. Great doctors there, my 3 BMD's & cat all go there.

Enjoy your stay!
excited manner [deleted] 11 years ago

Here are some sites to help you get aquainted with the valley.

The valley is home to good entertainment, good food, and plenty of photo ops too! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

And welcome!
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