dietzy2320 8:38pm, 5 June 2007
Someone from our local Pittsburgh group shared this with us. But since it is for pictures from all over PA, I thought all of you might be interested as well. There is no date for submissions that we can see and it does not appear that there is a limit to the number of pictures you can submit.

Look closely at the size requirements though as many here were frustrated to see the requirement of 3600 pixels tall or wide which eliminated many of our existing pictures or exceeds the possibilities of our current equipment. I know my Pentax *ist DL 6.1 mp camera can't do this, but I think my K10D 10.2 mp can...just need to get out and take some new pictures now.
geekninja PRO 11 years ago
A full res JPEG from my K10D is 3872 x 2592 Pixels and a little bit more than 3MB. However, I was able to resample some of my old 5MP scan/photos to 10MP with IrfanView (I'm sure anything would work) and produce images that were pretty good, although they did have an increase in noise (But of course they would, you're creating pixels that didn't exist before.). You could try that before you wrote off all your older pics
dietzy2320 11 years ago
I just decided to go out and take some new ones. Took some last night that I need to review yet. Don't really have any from around the state other than some from the Deleware Water Gap. Mostly all Pittsburgh pictures. And looking at who the magazine is, I am assuming they want tourist attractive pictures that will showcase the state and make people want to visit here. So I am trying to keep that in mind when selecting pictures to submit.

I would also imagine that if they get pictures with noise, that they will eliminate them pretty quick.

I have yet to shoot any files in RAW so no idea how large those file sizes get, but there are obviously high end professional dSLR's that are 16 mp that they are probably trying to put some limits on.

Thanks for the insights though.

The site says...
Photograph submissions must be in JPEG (.jpg) digital format, RGB, at least 3600 pixels tall or wide, no greater than 50 megabytes (51200 kilobytes) in file size, 300 dpi, 9" x 12". Please provide only the original, unmodified digital camera image.

I am assuming they are not referring to resizing or cropping. And the 9" x 12" that not to exceed that amount or that is the size that it should be?

I guess I first need to focus on something that is submission worthy and then take it from there...ahahaha
dietzy2320 11 years ago
I sent an email to PA Tourism and got the following response. I just thought I would share it to add some additional insight into this photo opportunity.

Thank you for your interest in the magazine. We are always looking for great photos of Pennsylvania to use in the magazine. In PURSUITS We have a department titled Postcards From PA. Each issue we select a photo of Pennsylvania from our readers to feature here. The only thing we look for in a photo is that it is season appropriate and that it is a photo of Pennsylvania . We would advise sending the photo at the highest resolution possible, no need to alter the photo. Every photo that is taken in a public place is considered public property and no model release is needed, unless one or a number of people are in main focus on the photo – something like a portrait shot. Then we need a model release. There are no deadlines. Before each issue is printed we look at the photos we have received from readers and select one to feature in our POSTCARDS FROM PA section. Thanks again for your interest in the magazine and we look forward to receiving your photos.
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