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Entries for the Ugly Train Contest go here.

StreamlinedBricks Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gambort (admin) 7 years ago
Camelback 0-6-0 by StreamlinedBricks

Here's mine.

EDIT TG: Square brackets make it nice
gerrit carstensen Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gerrit carstensen (member) 7 years ago
my turn
logan3906 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by logan3906 (member) 7 years ago
RoscoHead 7 years ago
There was no rule about it being a new MOC, so I'd like to enter my breakdown crane:

Hope I'm not too late.
Jayhurst Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jayhurst (member) 7 years ago
Beat the deadline by a mere 40 minutes...

Here is my contest entry for the "Ugly train Contest":
Lego Camelback 4-4-2 Atlantic by Jayhurst

It is a Camelback Atlantic 4-4-2, and it is modeled after the #592 steam engine that resides in the B&O museum.

This moc is powered by a medium PF motor that is mounted in the firebox. The rechargeable battery and the IR receiver are mounted in the tender.

(I was hoping that BBB would have manufactured his extra-large drive wheels in black by now, but alas, XL drivers are still available only in the color red at the moment---thus the reason the Camelback's drivers are red instead of black.)
JamesOfJames 7 years ago
^ You could've just added some smoke deflectors, made all the wheels red, and pretended it was German. ;)
StreamlinedBricks 7 years ago
I think I lose to Jayhurst.
swoofty PRO 7 years ago
The entries are in and we'll have winners as soon as I get a bit more freetime. Feel free to discuss the entries in the other contest thread and congratulations to all who entered!!
swoofty PRO 7 years ago
And the winner is....

I'm not sure we really have winners because all the entries look great! The fact that two entries were camelback steamers would suggest that camelbacks are pretty ugly. Also, since only one entry was a diesel, does that suggest that people find most diesels attractive? Strange.

Jayhurst just made the deadline with his B&O and even from the thumbnail I could tell it was a looker. It really is a beautiful build. The proportions are great, the level of detail is high and it's definitely an unusual prototype. The fact that it's powered is even more delicious. I don't mind the red XL drivers either (although since most other builders didn't have access to the XLs, it's a bit of a cheat), in fact the contrast adds to the build. So congratulations Jayhurst for overall best ugly!

Gerrit Carstensen chose a much more common model. Southern Pacific's gray scheme has probably never been heralded for its attractiveness; so when you weather it and hastily patch it into another roads markings, the beauty fades even further. Living in ex-SP country, I can attest to the blandness of these mutilations. Surely the B30-7 never won any beauty contests when clean, and dressed down as Gerrit rendered it makes it a real winner for most accurate ugly. Congratulations g-ra... er, I mean Gerrit Carstensen!

Longlive9v had the honor of being the first entry into the contest, but his entry is just too cute! I've looked at several protos of 0-6-0 camelbacks (there was an early L&N one) and would love to build one someday. Longlive9v did a wonderful job of capturing this rare beast, but it was just too cute to be called ugly.

Logan3906 similarly made an entry that was just too precious. The color on his steamer made it very festive indeed. I can imagine this creation would spend quite a bit of time on the mainline at many Lego train displays.

I appreciate RoscoHead's entry very much because it represents a non-locomotive entry. And true, the rules did not specifically state new builds, but I think everyone else understood that. The railway crane was a good choice for this contest because even if they had been built in elegant Edwardian times, they would probably still come out as ogreish beasts.

Congratulations to all the entries!
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