ted @ndes 2:12am, 21 March 2018
LSB-BFD 2018 Contest Winners:
Finally! The judging has been completed, the results tallied, and the winners of the “Battle for District 18” have finally been identified. But first, while I have your attention…

As stated before, all District 18 entrants will be given a custom printed “LSB-BFD-18” tile from eclipseGRAFX. Through their generosity, we will also give out custom tiles to the 1st-thru-10th place finishers in each speederbike category… and if you placed in multiple categories, you will receive multiple tiles.

”Top-10” finishers and District 18 entrants can send me their mailing address through flickr mail. If you will be attending Brickworld Chicago 2018 and you can wait until then, also let me know. Reminder to anyone under-18 years old; please tell your parents if you provide us with your mailing address.

A hearty “Thank You” to everyone who participated in the 2018 LEGO Speederbikes contest. Whether it was building, critiquing, spectating, sponsoring, or judging, it is this community of builders that makes the LSB contests such a special and anticipated event. We also want to thank Christopher Hoffmann, who stepped in to be our guest judge this year. He always has a great eye for quality builds, NPU techniques, and areas that could be improved. There is not much that gets past him.

I will share my own detailed thoughts in a final contest wrap-up article on The Manifesto. The hosting-judges will also come through flickr and post additional comments for individual entrants. Now without further ado…

WINNER 1st Place - oOger
Police L.E.V. 5 (Light Enforcing Vehicle - Pursuit Class) by Oscar Cederwall (o0ger)

2nd Place – Guy Smiley
Police Speeder by Guy Smiley :-)

3rd Place - Pico
LSB2018 - Space Police II Chaser by Brixnspace

4th Place – Bob DQ
Patrolling in District 18 by BobDeQuatre

5th Place – GolPlayswithLego
Arrowhead LEGO MOC by GolPlaysWithLego

6th Place – halfbeak
Impounder 2 by halfbeak

7th Place – Inthert
Police Speeder Bike 'Skyright-220' by Inthert

8th Place (2-way tie) - Carter
Tesla LE2800 by [Carter]

8th Place (2-way tie) – Anthony Wilson
Needler X13 by Anthony (The Secret Walrus) Wilson

10th Place (2-way tie) – F@bz
Policeman Speeder Bike (01) by F@bz

10th Place (2-way tie) – Intentor
AGS-SF "Night Wing" by Intentor

WINNER 1st Place – PB Deltassius
Prelude: Sea Snipper Attacks! by Deltassius

2nd Place – halfbeak
District 18 AlleyCat by halfbeak

3rd Place –randomvector1
Steam Denizen by randomvector1

4th Place (2-way tie) - Anthony Wilson
Little Red Scooter by Anthony (The Secret Walrus) Wilson

4th Place (2-way tie) – GolPlayswithLego
Buglee LEGO MOC by GolPlaysWithLego

6th Place – Carter
Tesla Arrowhead by [Carter]

7th Place – robbadopdop
SI - 157J3 "Red Devil" by robbadopdop

8th Place – aido k
Everybody on! by aido k

9th Place – Tammo S.
For Concrete Emergencies (concrete mixer speeder) by Tammo S.

10th Place (2-way tie) – Lego 7
Lantern Taxi by LEGO 7

10th Place (2-way tie) – Intentor
AGS-ED "Tripulse" by Intentor

WINNER 1st Place – Djokson
Necrohiver by Djokson

2nd Place – Carter
Tesla Locust by [Carter]

3rd Place – F@bz
Volkswagen Cardinal speeder bike (01) by F@bz

4th Place – Lego 7
Lightning Octopus by LEGO 7

5th Place – travis brickle
Spinning the Hamster Wheel by Travis Brickle

6th Place – Graham G.
District 18: "Street Devil" by Graham Gidman

7th Place – captainsmog
Disruptor 8 speeder by captainsmog

8th Place – Tim Schwafenberg
Night Rider by Tim Schwalfenberg

9th Place – Klikstyle
The Connector (Full) by Klikstyle

10th Place (2-way tie) – Faber
LSB2018 - Red Wolf's lethal chopper by Faber Mandragore

10th Place (2-way tie) – Perig
Let's rock ! by per_ig

WINNER 1st Place – W. Navarre
3012 - Decades Afterwards by W. Navarre

WINNER 2nd Place – ska2d2
'District 18' Downtown2018 by ska2d2

WINNER 3rd Place – Inthert
District 18 - Surprise Attack by Inthert

4th Place – Carter
Future Proof by [Carter]

5th Place – Pico
A slice of life in District 18 by Brixnspace

6th Place – adde51
District 18 - San Tokyo by adde51

7th Place – Shmails
CanalStChase1 by Shmails

8th Place – Kingdomview Bricks
District 18 by Kingdomviewbricks

9th Place (3-way tie) – Wedge 09
LSB Diorama - Main by Wedge09

9th Place (3-way tie) – Stuart
Escape from District 18 by Delatron3000

9th Place (3-way tie) – Bob DQ
Trouble near Tanaka-san fish store by BobDeQuatre
Deltassius 9 months ago
Congratulations everyone! Even if you didn't place, there were so many tremendous builds this year, the whole community deserves a pat on the back!
_zenn 9 months ago
This years judging was another tough one; Congratulations to the victors!

And thanks to all who'm participated, you're awesome! =D
per_ig 9 months ago
Exactly ! Congratulations everyone, so many great builds. Plenty of new ideas. And thanks to the judges. I can’t even think how painfull it had to be to go through all those pictures and to chose.
OMG! Thanks for the first place! The competition was hard. So many great entries! Good job everyone! It must have been tough to judge this.
Cole Blaq Posted 9 months ago. Edited by Cole Blaq (admin) 9 months ago
So many great entries, the overall quality was mindblowing. This contest seems to be 1up... so congrats to everyone participating in one way or another!
Brixnspace 9 months ago
Well done everyone and congratz to the winners. Thanks to the cool dudes orginazing this whole contest, what a work it must have been!
Jake RF 9 months ago
Nice work judges. I had about 15-20 for each category that I thought could be possible winners depending on what style or preferences you might have in speeder bike models. And I know it took so long because Ted is writing up some clever commentary for The Manifesto. It better be good Ted. :)
W. Navarre 9 months ago
Yay!! Very happy to have done so well, the District category was brilliant, the only way I could win a Speeder Bike contest like this incredible one without being a very good hand at speeders! Congrats to all the winners, especially in the bike categories, it's crazy hard to be even close to the win there with so much awesomeness and variety. Kudos to the judges as well, one of the hardest parts maybe!
cccody501 9 months ago
Also from my side congrats to the winners and thanks a lot to all those who arranged and organized this great and inspiring contest!
Djokson Posted 9 months ago. Edited by Djokson (member) 9 months ago
Definitel wasn't expecting this, first time dabbling in speeder bikes and all, haha. Just wanted to give my thanks to the organizers for a very fun experience and congrats to the winners! Lots of great entries all around, I don't envy you for having to make the choice!
JPascal 9 months ago
Congrats to all the winners, hats off to the organizers for setting up such a successful event, thanks to all the participants for the inspiration and quite a few laughs!
Graham Gidman 9 months ago
This was a lot of fun! Congratulations to all the winners! The bikes and dioramas were really fantastic.
Deus "Big D." Otiosus 9 months ago
Congrats to the winners! Great contest to have partaken in!
Keith Goldman Posted 9 months ago. Edited by Keith Goldman (member) 9 months ago
Congratulations to the winners (oOger, PB Deltassius, Djokson and W. Navarre) for some truly kick-ass bikes and a diorama that sets the standard going forward. 2018 was another entertaining year for the contest, shout out to Ted, _zenn and Cole for hosting. I really enjoyed the Top-10 ranking, cheers to everyone who made the list, there was some stiff competition this year.

Ted's post game wrap-up has been posted to the Manifesto. It's a good read for anyone who was inspired by the contest.
ska2d2 9 months ago
Congratulations to oOger, PB Deltassius, Djokson and W. Navarre and to everyone else, winners and entrants.
I'm stoked with 2nd! Thank you!;D
Werewolff Studios 9 months ago
Awesome work to everyone who competed, and congratulations to all of the winners! You guys certainly deserve the phrase for some downright spectacular bikes! And a big thank you to all of the judges! This contest was a first for me, and I think I speak for everyone when I say I had a blast!

Looking forward to next year already!
halfbeak 9 months ago
Another great contest! Loads of fun to participate and watch some really creative, cool, and funny builds over the months. Great feedback participation from those who put their critical oars in and of course excellent organization from the show-runners - thank you to them! Congrats to all the winners, of course I am delighted to have placed with my AlleyCat messenger bike!
halfbeak 9 months ago
Also want to say, that among so many wonderful builds, my own number 1 was PB Deltassius’ fishing bike. It really makes me smile when I look at it!
Deltassius 9 months ago
Hey, thanks for that, Halfbeak, I'm glad to make you smile. You're own build was super good! It must have been very close.
BricksandBoosters 9 months ago
Congrats all really enjoyed this year. Thanks especially to all who left feed back, it's not easy to come up with something constructive to say to all those entries.
Intentor 9 months ago
My sincere thank you to all judges and congratulations for everyone! It was an amazing contest with outstanding entries that inspired me a lot! :D
ZenThorga 9 months ago
Thanx for the contest and thanx to all participants for the new building ideas, you have spread!
Maybe next year I am more directly inspired by the categories. But since my speeders already waited 1 full year to be shown, I could not do that to them again. So that was fine by me :D
Gratz to the winners btw!!
lexegos 9 months ago
Congrats to the well-deserved winners!
They must have been incredibly hard to choose given the breadth of fantastic entries, though. Man, what a treat to be able to be a part of something this cool!
Wedge09 9 months ago
Congrats to the winners and thank you at the staff for setting it all up again this year!
Delatron3000 9 months ago
Congratulations to all the winners and participants, some brilliant builds and excellent ideas. Big thanks to the admins and judges for the monster task of organising and deliberating, and of course for placing my diorama in the top 10! I'm thrilled at that and very pleased to be involved overall - its been over two years since I built something and posted it so I'm happy to say I haven't totally lost it. This has been a great kick-start to my building again after a long period where my depression has really kept me from being involved so I am hopeful that I am back into it with both feet.
Time to go around and leave some feedback and do an honourable mention post, much love to all!
Tagl 9 months ago
Thanks to all who took place in this contest. Congratulations to all the winners and the runners of this fantastic contest. It was really fun to follow all the feeds.
Shmails 9 months ago
Congratulations to all who won and all who entered. It was a fantastic contest all around, thanks to all who helped to put this together!
Kingdomviewbricks Posted 9 months ago. Edited by Kingdomviewbricks (member) 9 months ago
Congratulations to the winners, and a big thinks to the judges for running another amazing contest.

ted @ndes: I will be at Brickworld, so tile pickup there will be fine.

On that note, who else is going to be there? If there's a significant number, we should set up a coordinated display area or even a collaborative display for speeder bikes.
Casti 616 9 months ago
Thaks to organizers, congrats to the winners...and thanks all for thatsbikes, dioramas and fun .

Can´t wait to see what next year bring us...
Ʌce Bricks Posted 9 months ago. Edited by Ʌce Bricks (member) 9 months ago
Mandatory congratulations for the all winners, their - and not only, MOC's were a awesome inspiration. I'm satisfied with the results as well, except first and third place in the ENFORCE, I'd rather to change them. Perfect contest organization and entertaining story ted @ndes:
FonsoSac 9 months ago
Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to the organizers. It has been a pleasure to participate in the contest and continue learning with all the constructive comments and the great bikes of all the contestants.
halfbeak 9 months ago

Got my tiles in the mail today, thanks guys!
per_ig 9 months ago
Got mine yesterday. Thanks !
ted @ndes 9 months ago
. Thanks for the confirmations on receiving the tiles, and thanks to those who sent me FM to confirm as well. I am glad to know that they are surviving a trip through the postal system (sometimes rigid objects can jam the sorting machines, especially if placed horizontally in an envelope). Fun facts - 85% of the address I received were located outside of the USA... and I didn't realize that the USPS stamp for sending international postage was round.
ska2d2 9 months ago
Hi! All my goodies, I think, have arrived safely. Many thanks!
Faber Mandragore 8 months ago
Hi and many thanks to all!
LSB BFD 18 - Greetings by Faber Mandragore
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