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Flickr Military Building Competition 2016

Here we go again. The 2016 Competition is brought to you by the following judges: Magnus-, -Evan M-, D-Town Cracka, Aleksander Stein, and -Mainman-. Also, Mad Physicist will be helping out.

There are five basic categories, and each of them will be cojudged by two judges. The rules for each category (in regards to things like scale, digital models, etc) are a little individual to each category, based on what seems to work for different categories but mostly on the whims of the respective judges. So make sure to read the following in detail before you start building.

We didn't want to make the competition too big or small. Hopefully there is at least one category that gets you interested, whether you like modeling or designing your own military hardware, or maybe doing something a little wacky and light hearted. We are trying to encourage everyone to build something a little different from what we've seen lots of already - so while building skill is important, originality and creativity will get you far.

This competition is open to anyone but they have to be on flickr and enter through this Competition group. Also, only new builds are permitted as entries. Judges (and Mad Physicist) are permitted to enter for fun, but are not eligible for actually placing in the completion.

You should add a pic or two of your entries to the competition pool, AND one pic per entry to the 2016 Entries Thread, which will open on June 15.

All questions to the judges may be asked in the FAQ thread.

There will be prizes – to be announced later.

Once more, in case you missed it - only new builds are permitted as entries.

Deadline is August 15, 2016.



Judges: Magnus-L and –Evan M-

Come up with an original design for a new minifig scale Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) for the fictional country of Azmir.

An IFV can be described as an armored combat vehicle that is designed to transport and fight alongside an infantry squad, and is armed with an integral or organic cannon of at least 20 millimeters caliber. The Generals have left the specifics of the design up to you, and they are willing to accept any and all designs which fulfill the basic requirements laid out below. Judging will be based off of the overall creativity and realism that goes into the MOC—this category is for your own design, not a model of a real life modern IFV. Things such as camo, opening hatches, rotating turrets, rolling wheels/tracks, etc are heavily encouraged. The vehicle may be wheeled or tracked.

Important - The IFV must be able to fit inside a transport aircraft with an interior width of 14 studs. This means the vehicle may be no more than 14 studs at its widest point, including side mirrors, track skirts, side armor and any attached gear. An exception may be made for side mirrors etc that extend beyond 14 studs, but can fold in, to within 14 studs. Also, there must be demonstrated space for crew and dismounts inside (with hatches closed). Include a picture that shows crew and troops inside the vehicle.

Digital models are allowed, but can only use bricks/colors that are available in real life. Period-appropriate 3rd party weapons are also allowed.

So, to sum up:

Max. width: 14 studs (including side mirrors, tracks skirts etc).
Min. armament: 20mm+ main gun, plus at least one machine gun
Min. compliment: 3 crew, 7 dismounts. So the vehicle needs to actually fit ten minifigs inside.

20th Century Battlefields

Judges: Magnus-L and –Evan M-

Build a minifig scale diorama representing an actual battle that took place in the 20th Century. The battle doesn't need to be huge or famous, but there needs to be some documentation somewhere (as opposed to a generic "ambush in Vietnam" find a story, news report or something behind an actual firefight that took place). It can be the battle itself, or a moment right before or right after the fighting has happened.

Points given for general originality and creating a sense of drama through posing and photography. Dios are likely to be compared to pre existing dios of the same or similar battles. This means that if you want to build a dio of say, D-Day or some other well- known battle that has been built extensively already, you'll be held to somewhat a higher standard than someone who is tackling a battle that hasn't been represented many times already in Lego, and you will be best served by giving us a fresh perspective on it.

Minimum size is 48 by 48 studs or equivalent. There is no maximum size, but don't sacrifice quality for size. Period-appropriate 3rd party weapons allowed. Digital models discouraged - this is a build that will absolutely look best with the posing and photographic presentation afforded in real brick. Include a link to some basic information about the battle in question in case it is one that not everyone is familiar with.

World of Tanks

Judges: D-Town Cracka and Aleksander Stein

A good chunk of us Lego Military Modelers enjoy building tanks, so why not give you all a chance to strut your stuff? The massively popular video game World of Tanks is the inspiration behind this Scale Model category. Featuring eight different Nations, and hundreds of different vehicles, World of Tanks has something for everyone!

So as not to make this category too broad, we are limiting the vehicle types to three sub-categories. There will be a Light Tank, Medium Tank and Heavy Tank category.

That gives you a whopping (93) Light Tanks, (131) Medium Tanks and (78) Heavy Tanks to choose from.

Whether you are familiar with the game or not, here is a link to all of the vehicles:

Remember, quality over quantity will get your model(s) noticed. We'd rather see one or two exceptional entries than five or six mediocre ones!

Rules for this category are as follows:

1) If you don't see the tank you want to build listed, you can't enter it into the competition. Judges will be watching this very carefully.

2) You may build in ANY scale you'd like.

3) Only new models that have never been posted online before may be entered. This is a question that is always asked, and it should be common knowledge by now.

4) BRICK BUILT MODELS ONLY. No LDD or any other type of digital model will be allowed in this category. No exceptions.

5) In the entry thread for this category, please state only the vehicle name, vehicle type and the nation it represents.

Naval Aviation

Judges: -Mainman- and Aleksander Stein

Aviation has been closely connected to maritime activity since its very infancy during the start of the 20th century, with the first successful flying boats and float planes appearing shortly after the first aircraft made its maiden flight. The First World War transformed the airplane from a mere mode of transportation into a modern weapon, which saw further development of the flying boat in particular in the maritime reconnaissance role. The inter-war years saw increased development of the use of aircraft in maritime warfare, as well as the invention of aircraft carriers which cemented their place as essential components in naval warfare during World War II. The Cold War saw the transition from propeller to jet propulsion, and further development of a multitude of aircraft tailored for all areas of maritime- and naval aviation. Today, aviation is an integral component in all major navies in the world.

This category invites you to build a scale model of any naval- or maritime aviation aircraft from this century-long history. There are plenty to choose from – whether it be something highly successful, a quantum leap in technology or an embarrassing failure is up to you. The important thing to remember here is however, while we encourage creativity and originality, your entry into this model category must have been invented by someone else before you! For the purposes of this contest, we’re looking for fixed-wing aircraft (i.e. no helicopters). Accuracy in the model itself as well as colors is also highly encouraged, although scale and time period is at your discretion.

We encourage brick-built models first and foremost in this category. Digital models are allowed, but can only use bricks/colors that are available in real life.

Springfield’s Citizen Militia

Judges: D-Town Cracka and -Mainman-

In an effort to bolster civic pride, Mayor Quimby has called upon the citizens of Springfield to participate in the town's very first Military Parade! Help your benevolent leader to make this a 'Show of Power' that nobody shall soon forget.

You are tasked with constructing a Military vehicle for ANY of the Simpson's characters that Lego has released. The inclusion of the Simpson's Minifigure you are building a vehicle for is highly encouraged!

Rules for this category are as follows:

1) In keeping with the guidelines of the Lego Military Models group, only 'Current Tech' vehicles are allowed. That means motorcycles, trucks, tanks, planes, jets, helicopters, boats, ships or subs are OK. Mecha, walkers, speeders or spaceships are not!

2) The scale of your model should be roughly 'Minifigure' scale.

3) Color is important. The vehicle you build must be done so in the palette of colors found in the Simpsons universe. It is OK for the vehicle to look cartoonish. In other words, Krusty the Clown poking his head out of a tan or dark bluish gray Panzer IV is not going to cut it!

4) BRICK BUILT MODELS ONLY. No LDD or any other type of digital model will be allowed in this category. No exceptions.

5) In the entry thread for this category, please state the character and vehicle name only. No descriptions.
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