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CLOSED 2012 Competition Entries

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Magnus-L is a group administrator Magnus-L says:

Just a day late, but here we go! Please post your competition entries to the group photo pool, and also post them here to help us keep track of them. A couple of pics per entry is fine to the group pool, just once pic or link here is ideal.

This thread is for Competition entries alone - please post any questions or other comments in the FAQ thread or email a judge privately.

Remember you have until June 15, 2012 to build awesome stuff. There's always a thrill in being among the early builders setting the pace, but there's no rush for now.
8:45AM, 16 April 2012 PST (permalink)

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Snuffwuzz (Ali) says:

Well, I guess there's no harm in posting the design for my LUV here:

P102a Bandit Mul-T by Snuffwuzz (Ali)

Also, here's my MBT-70 - built for the prototype model category

MBT-70 (v1.0.0) by Snuffwuzz (Ali)

And the BAE Hawk for the Middle Eastern Aircraft category:

BAE Systems Hawk 65 (v1.0.0) by Snuffwuzz (Ali)

BAE Hawk 65 (v1.1.0) by Snuffwuzz (Ali)

Also my Russian microscale faction. Not quite within the strictest understanding of the regulations, as all these are models rather than MOCs, but the thought is there!

Microscale Faction by Snuffwuzz (Ali)

My Large Diorama: What if the UN asked Russia to deal with keeping the peace in Syria? Obviously this isn't mini-fig scale, so I suspect it'll just get disqualified, but I thought it would suit this thread anyway.

What if: Syrian Conflict by Snuffwuzz (Ali)

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World War 1 tanker says:

Here is my entry, however, I have no idea how to post it like the one above.

The Tumbleweed Tank by World War 1 tanker

It's for the second category

(edit: fixed the picture)
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D-Town Cracka is a group administrator D-Town Cracka says:

This is my entry for the Prototype Armor Category:
The U.S. T-28 Super Heavy Tank - T-95 Gun Motor Carriage

U.S. T-28 Super Heavy Tank / T-95 Gun Motor Carriage by D-Town Cracka

I guess you could say it's on the other end of the spectrum from the cool little Tumbleweed Tank above! Anyways, when "Ninja Pilot" proposed this category during the brainstorm in January, I was hooked! Within days I had a vehicle picked out, and parts for the T-28 piggy-backed my Brick Link orders for my Tunguska.So when the categories were announced I was elated! Enjoy!

Here is my entry for the Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) category:
I Give Thee: "War Goat" by D-Town Cracka

War Goat
Length: 15 studs
Width: 6/7 studs
Crew: 3
Armament: 2 HMGs, or Anything that can be strapped to the goat.
Top Speed: Depends on the goat.
Tow Rating: Again, depends on the goat.
Unit Cost: (see below)

For a country that has the technological capabilities and economic might of Somalia, Azmiri defense contractors had their work cut out for them. Earlier in the year, this weapons platform was unveiled to the public as the "Fast Assault Goat". However, the designers swiftly changed the name to "War Goat" when fears surfaced that the original name's acronym could lower Jihadi morale. Lastly, though there was a requirement for mine resistance in the original contract, the Defense Ministry softened it's tone once it was learned that the replacement cost for a goat, two truck tires and a wooden crate was only fourteen Azmiri women.
Check out the Top Secret Photo

Here is my entry for Landing Craft category:
War Goat Amphibious Landing Craft by D-Town Cracka

War Goat Amphibious Landing Craft
Armament: 1 HMG
Top Speed: As fast as two men can paddle.
Cargo Capacity: 1 War Goat with crew.

In order to facilitate the planned assault on Saradia, the Azmiri Defense Ministry was thrilled to be presented with the "War Goat Amphibious Landing Craft". Production costs for the landing craft were next to nothing. Assembly was performed by lower caste Azmiri children and most of the material required to build the craft was stripped from the long abandoned U.S. embassy.
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ILoveLizardsXD says:

This is for the LUV competition.
My first attempt ever at building a military vehicle. Turned out kinda crappish but better than I expected.

Holds 6 Personnel
1 CPU controlled HMG
Easy access engine for repairs

MI-LUV-1 by ILoveLizardsXD

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stgeorg6 says:


This is my entry for the LUV competition. I developed a heavy, mine proof vehicle with swinging armoured doors and a great variety of armament.

Camel 1205 (LUV)

Length: 18
With : 8
Crew : 3
1 HMG, triple anti tank rocket, 1 light MG
independent axle suspention
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bjarashow says:

It is well known that the Maritime Republic of East-Brick has extensive experience in Amphibious Warfare and combat in the Littoral environment. Its continuing skirmishes with the Western Peoples Democratic Brick-Union is primarily fought from a sea-based position against WPDBU positions ashore. Moreover, as a low-intensity conflict, the MRE has been working steadily on the design of lighter classes of vehicles in the interests of mobility on the battlefield. As such, MRE vehicle designers have been considering the problems of successfully safeguarding their fighting-men within highly mobile platforms for some time. Therefore, the MRE feels it is uniquely positioned to design vehicles prepared for Amzir’s current situation.

Taking inspiration from several other examples worldwide such as the Casspir (www.army-guide.com/eng/product1130.html), and RG-33 MRAP (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RG-33) (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MRAP_%28armored_vehicle%29), MRE designers adapted the chassis from a Currently-in-Development wheeled IFV, removed the secondary drivetrain (propeller) and worked to lighten the design of the vehicle as much as possible.

The result is the Hypaspist, a highly mobile vehicle at the maximum size of the Amzir design envelope. The designers feel that far greater utility exists for a vehicle which is highly survivable, though large, as compared to an army needing to acquire a large fleet of smaller vehicles, and expecting to lose many. This vehicle may look bulky, but the size is specifically part of the survivability consideration designed into it.

The under-body is specifically designed to direct explosive effects away from the troop compartment, and has room for an extremely robust suspension allowing the traverse of large obstacles. The vehicles primary drawback is its significant height, though this is a knock-on effect of the survivability. In the view of MRE engineers, the height is in fact an advantage during urban warfare; the ability to see into the second floor is a significant consideration in towns where there are not likely to be many houses taller. The vehicle is float-able, though its speed in water will be extremely slow powered by wheels alone.

The vehicle is designed for a driver, a gunner, and six troops, and is able to deploy the passengers efficiently through three large hatches. The rear troop ramp-hatch is pneumatic, and is designed in such way to significantly ease egress/ingress. This means that the vehicle will make an excellent armoured ambulance; it can be very quick to load stretchers. The vehicle has significant stores space in the aft troop compartment as well. The prototype shows this to good effect with a bazooka and four rounds presently arranged along the interior walls.

The offensive armament consists of a single Automatic Grenade Launcher, mounted in an open turret surrounded by armoured plates. The open turret is a specific decision in favor of keeping the vehicle light. There is also a firing port in the form of a removable window in the rear hatch.

In the interest of keeping the vehicle lightweight, there is not significant armor on the vehicle skin. There is protection sufficient to stop any standard small arms fire, though not that of heavier machine guns. Most importantly, the vehicle has been fitted with MREs newly developed Active Protection System. This system is similar to the Israeli Trophy (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trophy_%28countermeasure%29) system presently being deployed on many vehicles. The MRE APS consists of four small radars linked to two launchers at the aft corners of the vehicle, and one on the front. When the radar detects an incoming projectile, it will fire the appropriate launcher (a shotgun-like blast) to detonate the round before reaching the vehicle.

The prototype pictured here is seen in a version of the MREs Sand and Stone camouflage pattern, and is being demonstrated by MRE Marines on maneuvers during testing.

01 - Frnt Rgt Lower by bjarashow

For some time, the MRE has been considering a new Landing Craft to supplement its Palaemon Class Landing Platform Ships. The Amzir L-Craft Competition announcement has provide the opportunity for MRE designers to fast-track a design which will perfectly suit Amzir’s present need.

MRE designers copiously researched existing ships world-wide which are similar in scope to the needs Amzir presents. It was determined that an LCU-style (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landing_Craft_Utility) craft would be most suitable to the requirements set forth by Amzir. Delving further, a PACSCAT (www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkVJS501Y78&feature=player_em...) hull-form was selected as cutting-edge technology for this type of craft. This specific design type is a permutation of the Surface-Effect Ship (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surface_effect_ship) concept. The hull-form allows for significantly more thrust efficiency than a hovercraft is capable, and thus range at high speeds, and the hovercraft-like lift force means significantly smaller draught than a standard hull would require for the load carried. While the immersed hull means that the craft is not amphibious as a true hovercraft would be, the propulsive efficiency means that the ship will be able to carry more for a longer distance than a hovercraft could. In short, this craft is faster than a mono-hull, and further-ranged than a hovercraft. The British Royal Navy has been testing a vessel of this type for several years (ukarmedforcescommentary.blogspot.com/2011/05/royal-navys-...).

For Amzir, MRE Defence Industries presents the Oeolyca class Landing Craft. This vessel will be able to carry two vehicles which suit Amzir’s LUV requirement, as well as a significant troop complement with sufficient stores space for resupply of these troops. This craft is designed to be both high-speed and long-ranged (in relation to most Landing Craft). In fact, the Oeolyca is designed to be capable of significant independent in-theater operations It can carry its troops and equipment to the operational location and engage in support operations on station until needed to either recover the troops from the beach, or resupply them with onboard stores. There would be no need for the craft to return to a mothership for refuel or re-supply (as would a standard small Landing Craft), and the onboard accommodations allow for the troops to use the craft as a mobile ‘safe-haven’. Therefore, this ship alone will be able to fulfill any mission which may befit Amzir’s agenda, unless it requires trans-oceanic support.

Though the vessel has a similar appearance to the US Navy LCAC, the fact that it has immersed hulls instead of being a full hovercraft, and its use of diesel engines instead of gas turbines means that there is significantly more room internally for useable space. Thus the craft is much closer in function to an LCU than LCAC. The craft itself has a crew of five; a Skipper, a Helm/Navigator, two Engineers, and a Loadmaster. There are four crew berths and twelve bunks for troops, though by hot-bunking, the number of troops actually carried may be significantly larger during operational deployment. In addition to accommodations, there is a full galley and an armoury/storeroom for holding troop supplies. Each hull has a vertical access with a watertight hatch internal, and on the upper deck a hatch to the cargo deck. The armoury has a separate WT blast-door, and also a forward hatch with access to a loading deck forward, in order that armaments and stores can be placed on vehicles easily and safely before their disembarkment. The central cargo deck is designed so that vehicles can be driven on from either the front or back of the craft. . While underway on longer voyages, the bo’sun’s storeroom carries tie-down chains and wheel chocks to keep vehicles and deck-cargo stable. Before beach-landing, these would be cast off so that vehicles can drive to shore immediately.

The Oeolyca is powered by 2 high-speed V-12 diesel engines, each connected to a waterjet (one set per hull). The engines also have electrical generators and run the fans for the air cushion between the hulls. The air intakes are on the inboard sides of the house facing the cargo deck. The uptakes run above this and exit in stacks on the top deck. While beaching, there are two transom-mounted anchors which are deployed as the craft approaches the beach. This allows the craft to winch itself backwards off the beach with no likelihood of damage to the waterjets or thrust-control systems.

The electronics suite on the craft includes a sea-search radar, communications gear capable of mating with either land or sea forces, as this craft will be quite literally a go-between for the army and the navy. There are satellite receivers capable of keeping the craft fully informed of the operational battlespace. The mast also holds an early-warning ELINT array. The turret is capable of slaving to these signals at range, and with twin 90mm autocannon it can engage most small targets. The guns also have a separate targeting system integral to the turret itself. The craft also employs has a suite of point-defense anti-missile systems similar to that employed on the Hypaspist Utility Vehicle. For close maneuvering, there are CCTV cameras mounted on the outside corners of the houses so that the bridge can immediately see how close the sides are to obstacles, piers, etc.

The Landing Craft pictured in below is carrying an LUV Hypaspist, and a cargo variant of the same. Both are being crewed by MRE Marines.

Front Port Above by bjarashow

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air or space says:

here is my Iraqi Mirage f-1 for the Middle eastern aircraft category.

Iraqi Mirage f-1 by air or space
Iraqi Mirage f-1 by air or space

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[MIXBRIX] says:

For the Drawing board amor category
Russian PPG tankette

Russian PPG tankette by [MIXBRIX]

Russian PPG tankette by [MIXBRIX]

Russian PPG tankette by [MIXBRIX]

And for the micro scale transport vehicle catagory
Darkwater Hs-5 Dropship
Darkwater Hs-5 Dropship by [MIXBRIX]

Landing mode by [MIXBRIX]

For the "forced perspective" catagory
"Lines on paper..." by [MIXBRIX]

Middle Eastern Aircraft Catagory
F-16A [Desert Camo] by [MIXBRIX]

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Lego Junkie. says:

Grizzly LUV

Grizzly LUV Main. by Lego Junkie.

I wanted to go for a vehicle inspired by the Cougar MRAP that's used by the American military in battle today, and I think I achieved that!

Length: 18 studs.
Width : 7.5 studs.
Crew : 5 full minifigures.
Armament: 1 Heavy Machine Gun.
This vehicle features seating for four inside, no missing limbs or anything, very comfortable.
Grizzly Interior by Lego Junkie.

Grizzly LUV. by Lego Junkie.


AMPH-2 Hovercraft.
Amph-2 Landing-Craft by Lego Junkie.

Length: 58 studs.
Width : 24 studs.
Crew : 6 full minifigures.
Armament: 2 Unmanned AA Auto-turrets, One Browning MG.

Opening back propellers.
Amph-2 Landing-Craft Propeller opening/closing. by Lego Junkie.

Troop Compartment and seating for six.
Amph-2 Landing-Craft Troop Seating. by Lego Junkie.

Working rear propellers, powered by two PF M-motors.
Hovercraft propellers working. by Lego Junkie.

Category: Landing Craft.

Eurofighter Typhoon
Eurofighter Typhoon Main by Lego Junkie.

Length: 38 studs.
Width : 30 studs.
Crew :
Armament: 1 × 27 mm Mauser BK-27 Revolver cannon

Eurofighter Typhoon by Lego Junkie.

Eurofighter Typhoon overhead by Lego Junkie.

Category: Middle Eastern Plane Model.

PLS: Palletized Load System
PLS: Palletized load system by Lego Junkie.

I realize that I'm pushing the envelope a bit with this one, but seeing as there's a cargo variant, I would assume that these can haul vehicles as well as supplies.
If you guys DQ this, totally fine with me, just thought I'd build one for fun.

Stud length: 13
Stud width: 4

Micro transport category
What we have become.
What we have become. by Lego Junkie.

A world torn apart by wars of the past, governed by militaristic forces who constantly struggle for control of the wreckage of society.

Welcome to 2052.

Stud width: 38
Stud length: 67
Minfigs: 5
Mecha: 3

This build features working Power Functions lights as well as mecha that have sixteen points of movement.
Since adding all the photos of the diorama to this post would be a bit overkill, I'd ask for you to go look at the set for more views of the details and such.
You'll also find my other entries there as well, so peruse them as well!

Large diorama, The future of war Category.

The Central Plaza.
The Central Plaza. by Lego Junkie.


The Battle of Stalingrad was a major and decisive battle of World War II in which Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) in southwestern Russia. The battle took place between 23 August 1942 to 2 February 1943 and was the largest battle on the Eastern Front, marked by brutality and disregard for military and civilian casualties.

Forced Perspective category.
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stgeorg6 says:

Heavy Hauler micro by stgeorg6

This is my entry for the micro scale transport vehicle.
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[Julie v] says:

Drawing board armour:
Assault Tank T14

Assault Tank T14 by [Julie v]

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Nic-Fit says:

Here's mine for the Middle-Eastern Aircraft category, a MiG-19 of the Egyptian Air force.

MiG-19 Farmer by Nic-Fit

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stgeorg6 says:

This is my entry for the micro scale faction.

Mirco Army plus transporter by stgeorg6

There is a transporter with an MBT and a heavy howitzer (203 mm) an APC and an LAV and as connecting car a Hummer.
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Rebla says:

My entry for the Forced Perspective category:

Pegasus Bridge: Hold Untill Releaved by Rebla

Pegasus Bridge: Hold Untill Releaved

Sorry I'm late old boy.(Simon Fraser)
Better then never Sir. (John Howard)
Glad to see you Shimi.(Richard Todd)
You boys are right on target, what is the sitaution?(Simon Fraser)
Jerry is regrouping over there in the woods, about a mille, alot of mortars and heavy machine guns.(John Howard)
Numbers?(Simon Fraser)
No idea Shimi, they seem to be moving forword in form.(Richard Todd)
In that case we won't wait, we better get moving, alright where going acrose, Miller!(Simon Fraser)
Sir! (Bill Millin)
Black Bear song!(Simon Fraser)

This scene goes about the releaving of the 6th Airborne Division, that is being releaved by 1st Special Service Brigade on D-day at Pegasus bridge.
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freezing cloth [deleted] says:

heres my forced perspective entry

forced perspective (lego military building competition 2012 entry)
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SirHandyMan says:

Here is my Drawing Board Armor entry:

Antonov A-40 "Flying Tank": Featured biplane wings and a twin tail. It was based on the Soviet T-60 Light Tank.

Antonov_A-40-001 by SirHandyMan

Here is my Microscale Heavy Aircraft entry:

Lockheed C-130T - Blue Angel's Fat Albert: In about a 1:85 scale. I am currently sourcing the parts to build the real model.

LEGO C-130T Fat Albert 1:85 Scale by SirHandyMan

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[Stijn Oom] says:

Lego F-16A
Middle eastern aircraft

F-16A -Middle Eastern Camo- by [Stijn Oom]

The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multirole jet fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force (USAF). Designed as an air superiority day fighter, it evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft. Over 4,500 aircraft have been built since production was approved in 1976.Although no longer being purchased by the U.S. Air Force, improved versions are still being built for export customers. In 1993, General Dynamics sold its aircraft manufacturing business to the Lockheed Corporation,which in turn became part of Lockheed Martin after a 1995 merger with Martin Marietta.
From Wikipedia.

Lego Battle of Berlin
What if? category

Battle of Berlin - What if?- by [Stijn Oom]

This moc is about the Battle of Berlin.
What if the russian could have been stopped by the germans? how would the war have been ended? Would it even have been ended, or would the russians and americans have been defeated?

Official Battle of Berlin:
The Battle of Berlin, designated the Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation by the Soviet Union, was the final major offensive of the European Theatre of World War II.

Starting on 16 April 1945, the Red Army breached the German front as a result of the Vistula–Oder Offensive and advanced westward as much as 40 kilometres a day through East Prussia, Lower Silesia, East Pomerania, and Upper Silesia, temporarily halting on a line 60 kilometres east of Berlin along the Oder River. When the offensive resumed, two Soviet fronts (army groups) attacked Berlin from the east and south, while a third overran German forces positioned north of Berlin. The Battle in Berlin lasted from 20 April 1945 until the morning of 2 May.

XPC405 -LUV-
LUV Category

XPC405 -LUV- by [Stijn Oom]


Hey Guys,
i hope you like this creation, it's made by my brother.
It's actually one of his best creations in my opinion... :)

Check him out here :)

Including Suspension and Steering. Mounted with 2 Brickarms M1919 connected by Monopods and U-clips

-Stearn Lights
Forced Perspecive category

-Stearn Lights- The Purge by [Stijn Oom]
Trying to take back the city......
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Jayfourke says:

For the LUV catagory (even though I call it a LARV), the Puma.

Puma LARV - Title1 by Jayfourke

Seats six plus a dude on the roof, a smidge under 18 studs long, and exactly 8 wide.
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Grenade16 says:

The Sabre LUV. Seats 5, MG, 2 Assault, Sniper, Commander. Armed with Heavy MG. Has gunner up top and driver in bubblethingy.

IMG_0237 by Grenade16

IMG_0238 by Grenade16

IMG_0240 by Grenade16

IMG_0241 by Grenade16

The Landing Craft Category

The Falcon Landing Craft has a missle launcher, 2 light MGs, a heavy MG and sleeping for 2/5 crew. 5 crew. Has LUV and 5-8 soldiers.

IMG_0243 by Grenade16

IMG_0244 by Grenade16

IMG_0245 by Grenade16

IMG_0247 by Grenade16

IMG_0248 by Grenade16

The Forced Perspective
HALO, Sniping an Elite
IMG_0278 by Grenade16

Thank you, and expect more entries to more categories.
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Ironsniper says:

LUV entry:

The Maverick

'Maverick' ATAV V.2 by Ironsniper

Length: 18 studs.
Width : 6 studs.
Crew : 4 full minifigures+ space for gunner
Armament: 1 Heavy Machine Gun.
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Lucas. F. says:

LUV Entry:

The Chimera AMPV

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imagination DUCK says:

Battlefield 2052 Hybrid- GX9

Hybrid- GX9 by imagination DUCK
Although this may appear to be exactly like it's predecessors the Hybrid is the most advanced military vehicle of it's time by far. Made by Zetatech the Hybrid is unrivaled in it's field.
20 studs long
11 studs wide
Fits 3 soldiers comfortably
Advanced AI
Unknown light weight metal Alloy, this alloy is reported to withstanding rocket piercing missiles
Custom polymeric tires
AI automated pulse rifle
Bullet proof windscreen
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ABStract/ says:

For the drawing board armor category:


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Lego Pilot says:

For the Middle-Eastern Aircraft category.

T1E2 Cunningham
For the prototype armor category
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Agent{Orange} says:

for the LUV category

Hephaestus Heavy Industries "Tempest" LUV by Agent{Orange}

The Mk. I Tempest

Length:17.5 studs
Width: 8 studs
Crew: 3
Armament: 1 HMG
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The Sherman Guy says:

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/62817986@N08/7274946702/in/photostream] My entry for the "Alternative History" Category. It's a FlakPanzer from 1946. Supposed to be base off of a Panzer III Chassis, and could fire 300 rounds a minute.
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The Legonator says:

Here are my entries:
'Orkney' Class Amphibious Assault Ship (for the Microscale Transport Vehicle category):

'Orkney' Class Amphibious Assault Ship by The Legonator

'Orkney' Class Amphibious Assault Ship by The Legonator

For the Mini Faction category:
Mini Faction by The Legonator
In Convoy by The Legonator

Airbus A400M (for the Microscale Heavy Aircraft category):
Airbus A400M by The Legonator

For the Forced Perspective category:
"Gate 47 is now closed."
Gate 47 is now closed. (Updated) by The Legonator

More Pictures:

More entries may follow...
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doofldakl says:

Transport Tank

Transport Tank by doofldakl

This was built for category 7, being the transport vehicle category. I decided to take a different approach with it. It is definitely not a normal transport vehicle. As you can probably see, it is a hover tank. It was designed to be a post apoc sort of vehicle.
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Simon T James says:

LUV entry: TS4A2 Pit Bull

TS4 Pit Bull AUV  (17) by Simon T James

My entry for category 4, the TS4A2 Pit Bull, an armed and armoured utility vehicle to meet the Azmiri specification!

The full set of images, including the A2's sibling the TS4A1 JLTV candidate, is here

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Sikula Visual Solutions says:

I am a 23 year old graphic designer and AFOL. New to Flickr, not new to the flickr Lego community. Been spying on all you awesome designers for a while now this competition inspired me to get involved!! For the Battlefield 2052 category:

An invasion of what seems to be an armada of rogue alien drones/UAVs has plagued planet earth for some time now. Due to the depletion of oil reserves 3 years ago, all human vehicles are powered by advanced fuel cells. Thus rendering all air units rotor propelled. Nothing is known about the propulsion systems of the alien occupiers. Their weapons are some sort of high energy cannons and their armor is superior. Here we see two VTOL-troopers equipped with 3 Attack Heli-Drones hiding in some ruins from a passing alien seach and destroy unit. Looks like an alien recon drone is on to something...


REVISED Battlefield 2056 by Sikula Visual Solutions

REVISED Battlefield 2056 by Sikula Visual Solutions

Please check out all of my pics for this entry:

And check out the alien drone that didn't make the cut:
Alien Drone by Sikula Visual Solutions

Ok, so i wanted to wait on the release of this, let that hype photo get some love, but it didn't happen haha. So hear ya go. Spoiled!

For the 2012 Lego Military Annual Build Competition
Hover Transport by Sikula Visual Solutions

Please check out all of my pics for this entry:

And please view the large 2048 x 1371 for full effect!!
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Red Panther 1 says:

Iranian mig-29  Bumblebee by Red Panther 1

This is my entree a Iranian mig-29 Bumblebee. The bumblebee has been used since the 80's as a swift attack fighter.
(more pics soon)
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Red Panther 1 says:

Rhino LUV by Red Panther 1

Rhino LUV by Red Panther 1

Rhino LUV by Red Panther 1

The Rhino LUV is a light vehicle with thin to medium armor. The high body and suspension make driving in any terrain possible. The Rhino attained its namesake from the different front piece. The Rhino can seat around 7 comfortably.The Rhino shown above is the troop transport model. Other models include ammo carrier, anti aircraft and amphibious.
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Lego.Crazy says:

Here is my entry,for the FP category:

F-16I v.s MIG-29 by Lego.Crazy

F-16I vs mig-29
Microscale aircraft
Kc-10 Extender by Lego.Crazy

Kc-10 extender.
F-16I by Lego.Crazy

Stickers added.
F-16I by Lego.Crazy

F-16I by Lego.Crazy

F-16I by Lego.Crazy

Photo set:
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*ThǝPя☢* says:


This is the Azmir army 'Camel' LUV.


Armament- Any type of HMG, Or MGL
Crew capacity- 1 driver, 3 Passanger's.

After the conflict with saradia, the Azmir army needed new vehicles. Then the MPR LUV Was born, aka the 'camel' for it's ability to drive through vast desert's, This vehicle proved to be very effective. It can be used as a small crew transport, or a cargo vehicle. With the extra armor plating in the back, this part of the vehicle is also very resistant to IED's.

For more pics:

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jansued2 says:

My entry for LUV division:

The "Waschbär" (Racoon) by the traditional German military vehicle specialist Krauss Maffei.

The Waschbär is designed for a variety of combat roles, this Version is made for aggressive reconnaissance (Nickname "RecoRaco"). Beside electronic equipment, the RecoRaco has a remote Minigun GAU 17 and a 40mm MetalStorm Redback System.



More pics here:

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Rootbeerking202 says:

LUV Category:
EAT Light utility vehicle
Primarily used by the EAT forces, and is 7 wide, and like 14 studs long.
I'll have some more pics and a video up soon.
FP category:

Pushing into Britian: Operation plague by Rootbeerking202

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Brian Rinker Creative says:

Forced Perspective Category:
Sunset Over Los Angeles

Los Angeles at Sunset by Brian Rinker Creative

The world was once full of peace, but that was an illusion. War has now spread to every corner of the earth. Now city, town, or person is safe. It was only a matter of time till the great strongholds of America came under siege, and with the invasion of the west coast, Los Angeles was the perfect target.

2052 Category:
Field of Blood
Field of Blood by Brian Rinker Creative

The year is 2052. Everything has gone down the crapper after the United States fell into economic ruin. They should have known that China was up to something, with them buying up more and more of the U.S., but it wasn't until the North Korea/Chinese bombs started to fall that they knew exactly what type of hell hole they had fallen into. After that it was just a hop, skip, and a jump until some of the greater European powers decided to bomb the s*** out of Asia, all that's left there is a crater filled nuclear desert and a few brave souls who live there.

That was just the beginning though, in a matter of years two of the greatest superpowers on earth had been wiped off the map and all people wanted was peace, not war. The same powers that bombed Asia called a world council to create a treaty to end the war, but the meeting turned into a killing grounds. It was at the so called "war on wars" summit that the terrorist organization only known as The Guild revealed themselves.

It turns out that The Guild had been behind everything. They had pulled the strings that brought America into economic ruin. They had agents placed in influential positions in China and Korea to start the war. The Prime Minister of England was actually a Guild member, and with is power and influence he was able to authorize the nuclear strikes in Asia, because "The yanks need to be avenged." They were able to call the global summit and then assassinate 90% of the non Guild leaders of the 1st world nations. All that time had been put into a plan that had one goal in mind, world domination.

Boy, did they succeed. By the year 2035 they had united 70% of the world's nations and by 2040, only Germany was left as independent. Germany soon fell and after that The Guild was free to mold the world to fit it's plan. The Guild created an utterly Fascist Military system of rule that was reminiscent of Medieval Times. The world was decided up amongst the individuals who had key roles in the uprising and given to them and their sons to rule as long as they remained loyal to the Supreme Guild Leader.

By 2050 most people had come to accept their fate. As long as we worked diligently for our lords our lives were relatively good. We had food most days, could have one son and one daughter and could expect to be provided for. Only if we complied to their rules though. That is why I tell this story to you, my son, so you know your heritage and know why things are what they are today. This is the truth, though the government will deny it, and know that you know the truth you must pass it on to your children so that one day they may be free to live as they want."

-Lorenzo Freeman, to his son

"Today there be a hanging of three men charged with spreading malicious lies about the great government and telling false, fanciful tales about the glorious history of this government.

-By order of Lord Darkwing, May 4th, 2052

Here is a set with aditional shots for Sunset Over Los Angeles and Field of Blood:

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✠Andreas says:

9. "Battlefield 2052" - sci fi /futuristic military style
Fall of Berlin

Large dio: 80x64

Fall of Berlin by ✠Andreas

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Skooby C says:

Rabbit LUV by Skooby C

Rabbit LMV- Light Utility Vehicle
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Paradox Kid says:

My entry's :D
First of all the LUV I built this LDD because I have hardly any LEGO but a good imagination. Its smaller than the directions required but can sit 2 figures easily (One driving and another manning the HMG) It has doors with windows (A challenge in LDD).

LDD Light Utility Vehicle by Paradox Kid



Secondly we have my Landing Craft, Again in LDD for the same reasons. It all holds together (No 'illegal technics') And more than does the requirements set by the Azmir Navy. It has two 50cal's for 'laying down lead' on the opponents.
Landing Craft by Paradox Kid

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Brick Basher says:

My entry for Microscale heavy aircraft.

Lego micro scale KC-135
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stgeorg6 says:

This is my answer for the armor drawing board category.
The US prototype T-29.

T-29 side by stgeorg6

T-29 Front by stgeorg6

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Lucas. F. says:

Here is my newly updated entry for the LUV category:

The Engesa “Solar

Engesa “SOLAR” Utility Vehicle by Lucas. F.

Engesa “SOLAR by Lucas. F.

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Andrew Somers says:

Sandcat LUV- bring the qualities of the MRAP into a more compact package.

'Sandcat' LUV by Andrew Somers

8x18 without gear
Size restrictions by Andrew Somers

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Multihawk says:

Entry for Mini Faction:

Federal Collective Ground Detachment by Multihawk

Entry for Transport Vehicle:
'Pelican' HoverLift Transport by Multihawk

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Con_Arti$t says:

Battle of Britain-Main by Con_Arti$t
"What If?" The Germans won the Battle of Britain, enjoy!
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Grenade16 says:

What if? World War Two had ended up like World War One.

I mean with trench warfare and a bloody stalemate. This was based off of Harry Turtledove's series, "Southern Victory" and I enjoyed making it. I used new techniques with the roof and trench, as well as spray painting the foam board and knifing out a piece for my trench. This is a WIP as I will make it better when I get my June 15, BrickArms new releases order.

The Ninth Battle of Ypres

ninthbattleofpyrpes by Grenade16

IMG_0351 by Grenade16
Trench and Americans
IMG_0346 by Grenade16
German Postions
NEWIMG by Grenade16
The German's house
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[Fritz G.] says:

Last Chance by [Fritz G.]

Forced perspective

VDV Buggy by [Fritz G.]

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vincez01 says:

Here is my entry for the armor drawing board category :

obyekt 279_01 by vincez01

obyekt 279_07 by vincez01

Obyekt 279. It's a Soviet experimental heavy tank developed at the end of 1959. One pre-production tank was built, but the project was abandoned for multiple reasons.

More info here :

Obyekt 279 Wikipedia
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[thatjuan] says:

This is my first time entry in the Lego Military Annual Build Competition for the Microscale Heavy Aircraft category.

Bell Boeing Quad TiltRotor

"V-44" Bell Boeing Quad TiltRotor by [thatjuan]

About 1:120 scale
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Matthew Sylvan0 says:

My entry for the prototype model category, the Object 640 or Black Eagle::

Object 640 by Matthew Sylvan0

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rossart12 says:

My entry for the Middle Eastern Aircraft category. Higher-res pics will come later.

Kuwaiti A-4KU Skyhawk

A-4M Skyhawk by rossart12

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FirstInfantry says:

The Ford F125 Combat. Light vehicle that carries four, has three weapon points, and fits in the footprint. Shown here in desert camo for the Amzir Army.

The Micro Faction - Future Central-European Army.
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[Carter] says:

Under The Saharan Sun by [Carter]

Under the Saharan Sun

On August 18th, 2052, NATO troops entered a town in North Africa in search of Tuareg rebels.


Under the Saharan Sun (over veiw) by KingBrick

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finicky trade [deleted] says:

Thanks for all of the great entries!
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