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Entries and changes accepted until November 21, 2011.
[Renegade] 4 years ago
LEGO Halo 3: ODST - New Mombasa by [Renegade]

LEGO Halo 3: ODST - New Mombasa
~.QuaD.~ 4 years ago
[NMPD HQ ].- by ~.QuaD.~

tbone_tbl Posted 4 years ago. Edited by tbone_tbl (member) 4 years ago
Last Stand on Reach
Last stand on Reach by tbone_tbl

With no cover in our immediate area we regrouped atop a nearby hill. To my left Anna's grenade detonated, behind me I heard Stevens swearing as he threw aside his empty rifle and drew his sidearm, and to my right, Kyle continued to lay down suppressing fire and had just dropped the shields of the closest elite. As for me, I needed to drop the grunt in front of me, plasma grenade primed in it's chubby fist. I don't know if it intended to suicide charge or to throw it, but amid the gunfire and the explosions I realized it didn't matter. I was an ODST, jumping into hell was part of the job.
Empty Sandbox Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Empty Sandbox (moderator) 4 years ago
Uplift Reserve by Empty Sandbox

George adjusted the feed to his comm link...
"Where's the rest of your team, trooper?"
"Scattered, dead. I don't know."
Before he had the chance to respond back, a phantom directed fire towards his Warthog.
As multiple plasma rounds splashed onto the LRV, George noticed the hull was burning.
"Jump!" He warned the Marines.
It was too late. The Warthog exploded to pieces, just as he let his hands fly off of the chaingun's handle.
George was bruised from the rough landing. The Phantom, believing the troopers were eliminated, went back to it's buisness and soared off into the distance.
George pulled himself up and began making haste towards an executive building that was occupied by other UNSC forces.

While under fire.
Ironsniper Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Ironsniper (member) 4 years ago
ODST: Streets of New Mombasa by Ironsniper

The Streets of New Mombasa

"Romeo! Look out! Jackal to the left!"
"Ugh, these covies are poppin up all over the goddamn place!... Watch your back, Brute!"
"Whaa-ugh... Shit."
"Man, that Rookie hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell with all these dropship scout groups. He better find us, cause I ain't goin' outta my way to find his ass in these streets. Hey, look up there! Is that a Pelican?"
"Yeah.. let's go check it out. Go through the entrance on the right skyscraper. Maybe it's the rest of the gang..."

Displaying the figures:

HALO ODST by Ironsniper
Nick Brick Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Nick Brick (admin) 4 years ago
This entry is from Yapdap on Mocpages.

"Just Making My Way"

Brickcentral Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Brickcentral (member) 4 years ago
M12 LRV "Warthog"
Nick Brick 4 years ago
This entry is from evangelionfanx on Mocpages.

"ODST Last Stand"

Nick Brick 4 years ago
This entry is from quang bui on Mocpages.

Maìne Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Maìne (member) 4 years ago
New Alexandria by Maìne

New Alexandria by Maìne

I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry for the bad pic. I did not have anuff space on my poster board and had to crop it.

Hope you enjoyed it.

The Great Lord Fireraven Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Nick Brick (admin) 4 years ago
This is my entry:
Halo Diorama - Retrieval by The Great Lord Fireraven
point Blanc Productions Posted 4 years ago. Edited by point Blanc Productions (member) 4 years ago
Halo 3 ODST
Halo 3 ODST by point Blanc Productions
~Nick Roth~ Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ~Nick Roth~ (member) 4 years ago
HALO 3: ODST, Uplift Reserve by ~Nick Roth~
My entry: Uplift Reserve

HALO 3:ODST Uplift Reserve by ~Nick Roth~

Video here:
Joris Blok 4 years ago
Halo 2 'Helljumpers'

Can you remember the time that you were playing Halo 2? This is a scene from the Halo 2 game, where you get dropped with a drop pod together with the ODSTs. I think it was the coolest level in the game, especially because you get to see the ODSTs for the very first time. They were a lot tougher than the usual marines.
Yeah... I could play that game for hours, every single day again and again!

Halo 2 'Helljumpers'

Cortana: ''Could we probably make any more noise?''
Chief: *Takes a huge rocket launcher*
Cortana: ''.. . I guess so...?!''

TheBrickBrewer 4 years ago
My entry is in my photo stream.
Nick Brick 4 years ago
The judges are not going to dig through your photostream to find your entry. Please, copy the link to your photo and paste it here between brackets, like so:
[photo link]
QuadAssassinCustoms 4 years ago
Bruiser Squad
Bruiser Squad  by QuadAssassinCustoms

Hornet Squad
Hornet Squad by QuadAssassinCustoms

Never Leave a Man Behind
never leave a man behind by QuadAssassinCustoms
CaptainBoat 4 years ago
My entry:
Remains by CaptainBoat

Might change or add different pics of it, I just liked the angle of this one.
Commander Hess 4 years ago
Lone ODST by Commander Hess

During the Fall of Reach a lone ODST takes hold of a Covenant ghost and engages two Unggoy minors.
AWKsauseAdam 4 years ago
Halo ODST(Sniper Rifle) by AWKsauseAdam

This is the scene from the game. Hope everyone enjoys! Their are more pictures in my photostream if anyone wants to see.
Gir Eat Lego Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Nick Brick (admin) 4 years ago
halo stigy by Gir Eat Lego

FTW by Gir Eat Lego

i for got how to put the pic in the commet

Edit by Nick Brick: Fixed for you. Just put brackets [ ] around the photo link.
Eric 'Hawk' Mickle 4 years ago
The First to Fall by Eric 'Hawk' Mickle

Harvest was the first colony to fall to enemy hands, ODST were the first to fall to the surface in it's liberation campaign.

-Early 2526-

The brutal campaign to retake Harvest begins with Vice Admiral Cole’s fleet, consisting of forty UNSC vessels, arriving in system. The strike force met only one Covenant ship, but their MACs and Shiva nukes were not match for this alien machine. Cole ordered all ships to fire, the salvo knocked out the enemies shields and obliterated the vessel.

Victory, for the moment, the surface must still be liberated.

Battalions of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) gear up for a hot drop to the surface. Most of them will be landing just outside Utgard, the planets capital. Among these troopers is the Special Operations Team Foxtrot.

As they drop, Longsword interceptors and Shortsword bombers pummel high priority Covenant targets, allowing the minimal amount of damage to be inflicted on the troopers.

They break cloud level.

More pictures available here.
xAsianox 4 years ago
Halo 3 ODST
ODST trooper rookie
Headshot_XD 4 years ago
Contest entry:
The Rookie entered the building/entrance to the underground tunnel to find Captain Dare.
Feet first into hell contest entry by Headshot_XD
i SN0W W0LF i Posted 4 years ago. Edited by i SN0W W0LF i (member) 4 years ago
lego halo ODST by i SN0W W0LF i

Some of my lego halo stuff.

the blue stuff is the visor.
Con_Arti$t 4 years ago
You might need to post the url instead.
Noble 265 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Noble 265 (member) 4 years ago
lego halo odst 'Mombasa streets' by Noble 265
TheBrickBrewer Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Nick Brick (admin) 4 years ago
would some one please put my first picture on the entries stream please my computer wont let me :(
Here you go.
feet first into hell contest entry by TheBrickBrewer
Your Humble Editor Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Your Humble Editor (member) 4 years ago
New Mombassa This is my entry
[LegionDude] ಠ_ಠ 4 years ago
Chapter 1 - Part 3: Streets of Despair by [LegionDude] ಠ_ಠ

So I took this rookie and set off. My goal was to team up with Chad, who had to be in there somewhere. But no street, no roof was safe. Everywhere those damn brutes and turkeys.

"Chad, are you okay?" "I am, but some weren't as lucky." "Chad, get down, that's an order!" "Alright, but you should shut it too, sir! Those gorillas have perfect hearing, and 3 inches above your head stands a jackal!" "I know, what has happened to the privacy, huh?"

Con_Arti$t Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Nick Brick (admin) 4 years ago
Lego Halo New Mombasa by Con_Arti$t
Here's my humble purist entry :)
Nick Brick 4 years ago
This entry is from Max Kester on MOCpages.

"Mountain Assault"

Nick Brick 4 years ago
All right, guys! This is it! No more entries accepted. Judging will start ASAP.
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