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  • Lego Dungeons & Dragons on Facebook

    I've created a Facebook Group for those whose love of Dungeons & Dragons inspire...

    erickesler2 months ago0 replies

  • LEGO Heroica

    Hello everyone! This is a repost of the same topic from the LEGO group, but I th...

    WooddogSam26 months ago3 replies

  • Colossal Castle Contest 10

    Hey all, The admins at Classic-Castle would like to invite all members of the...

    bruce n h30 months ago0 replies

  • Guilty pleasures?

    So we all have them, the game world where most peopel cannot stand, but some of ...

    Jeff McElwee43 months ago12 replies

  • Second Contest?

    Because the first went so well. I was thinking maybe something along the line...

    Awk'43 months ago3 replies

  • ATTENTION - Group Gaming Session Signup

    Hawk and I are gonna start up a game of Pathfinder. I'm DMing (so's the plan, ...

    Shadow Viking43 months ago104 replies

  • Game of Thrones

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to mention for any followers of the Game of Thrones s...

    Mattiusxavier43 months ago1 replies

  • The Looking for Group Chart of Victory!

    And now without any further ado, I shall present the victorious few: One ...

    Shadow Viking43 months ago18 replies

  • Contest: Looking for group (CONTEST OVER)

    This has been brewing for a while. Basically, the idea is to make a character or...

    Shadow Viking44 months ago91 replies

  • (closed) Looking for Group (entry thread)

    Rules here. Post entries here.

    Shadow Viking44 months ago58 replies

  • Real Life DnD Stories

    Post yours here. My friends and I play using a combination of official game p...

    <Antimatter>44 months ago20 replies

  • Contest Idea

    I know we just ended one, and I know it wasn't well supported. But i'm itching f...

    Skinny Pete Deux46 months ago35 replies

  • Tactics

    I figured I'd post this here for the hell of it even though its only semi-D&D re...

    +DemonHunter+47 months ago1 replies

  • o hai guyz.

    hey y'all! if you're in this group and enjoying it, shout out now! I'd like t...

    Shadow Viking54 months ago15 replies

  • Lock and Load Racing

    Hi All, You may have noticed that I just totally jumped in here with both fe...

    Mithryl Dlarix73 months ago0 replies

  • Contest winners

    The challenge was to build something from these two lists. Given more than a mon...

    Shadow Viking80 months ago4 replies

  • LEGO DnD Building Challenge 1

    I've been urged to create a contest, so here we go: You must build a LEGO MOC...

    Shadow Viking80 months ago42 replies

  • Contest

    This group needs some sort of Lego D&D contest. With catogories like Diorama, V...

    The Pumpkin Man82 months ago9 replies

  • Modship

    Six members have been promoted. Congrats people, you're now Player Characters Mi...

    Shadow Viking83 months ago1 replies

  • Marbles...

    ...Played with minifig heads?? I'm SO there. ;-)

    Doodle-Zook83 months ago3 replies

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