Bruno VW 5:26pm, 14 September 2012
The long-expected winning entry-topic! See if you've won anything!


Mark of Falworth - The Treasure Cave

The Treasure Cave. (Main) by Mark of Falworth

Very well done rock formations, overall convincing and realistic design and for sure the well made vegetation justify this entry to place. What I like in particular is the fantastic use of SNOT and normal placed slopes for the rocks. The shore area also looks good, however I am not perfectly pleased of how the water was done, because I prefer solid MOCs and the use of trans pieces for water. Never the less fantastic overall MOC, also working very well on the landscape focus topic, since nobody would focus much on the figures on this one TBH. ;).


Blake Baericks - Rivendell

Rivendell by Blake's Baericks

I think there is not too much need to explain why this is up here, the water and waterfalls are quite perfect, so is the vegetation. The only thing I don´t like is how the rock surfaces seem to flow worse into each other, but the superior scale of Rivendell, the architecture and the excellent water outbalance those. I do however believe he should not place first, as this was just entered into the contest because it fits, not because it was made for it. This huge work of art has some absolutely fantastic details. The rockwork and especially the trees look very realistic and various in shapes and sizes.


Dark Alamez - Downtown Chicago

Chicago by Dark-Alamez

This entry is without any doubt a masterpiece of urban landscaping. The detail level on the low half, meaning on the street level is very appealing. Even tiny details such as white arrows on the road were included. The size of the Diorama equals Rivendell, the detail level is also about equally as good, considering the vehicles and train bridge section in Chicago. There are however a few things I am not too happy about with this entry: Lack of interior, use of TLG Shop sign (it works very well, but after all is not his design, he also stated that in the description of one of his pictures) and the stud roofs which don´t fit the very much studless street level section.


under the river by d2hiriyuu

Probably the best water technique for a landscape contest, it adds a fantastic detail and should therefore receive a honorable mention.

Safety Underground: Main by JustinR.

A very interesting and quite difficult landscape to work with and Justin R did a quite excellent job. The reason I did however pick The Treasure Cave over this is basically the lack of SNOTwork in the rock surface in Justin R´s entry, Mark has done a better job concerning that.

The Withering. by Lego Junkie.

Another entry which was quite eye catching, it does look very good, but to me, even though the details are fantastic, does not look realistic enough. What I basically don´t like is that the whole up half is intended to have a dry deserted look, however the low half features (a very well done) water surface. Those two don´t match each other too well, as the water doesn´t fit the dry look and therefore doesn´t make the overall landscape logical. The broken down building might however be another thing to point out as honorable mention, that part, especially the roof, is very well done, even though not perfectly much of a landscape thing. ;)


And there you have it folks! I hope that you've all enjoyed the entries as well as building them! This was also my first contest and I will continue this one as an annual contest! Also, don't be sad if you haven't won, there is still next year!

A big thanks to Eturior and Andreas for judging the competition, also a shout-out to Brick Takeover for providing coupon-service!

The winners will be contacted soon!
Angelo_S. 6 years ago
Congrats to the winners! :D
I really consider this a close call, everybody mentionedbhere did an.outstanding job!
Mark of Falworth PRO 6 years ago
Wow! This is quite an honor! :D

Thanks again for hosting the contest!

And congrats to the rest of the winners! :)
Brother Steven 6 years ago
Oh well. Congrats to all!!! It's been loads of fun!! :)
Julandrius Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Julandrius (member) 6 years ago
Congratulations all. I am personally not quite agreeing with the 3rd place. Reason being that it to me isn't really a landscape.

I'm not saying the moc is bad, claiming that would be quite retarded as it's obviously a masterpiece. But personally I don't think "Urban Landscape" fits very well. As you can basically just enter a street with a tank and two factions and then call it "Military Landscaping".

Well, you get the point. Focussing on a real "landscape" as you kind of defined in your rules:

Imagine a peacefull landscape, green trees, flower fields, bunnies

I don't think the 3rd one fits. Not hating, just my two cents.
But all builds that won have the quality to be justified to win. All amazing entries that definitely deserve some kind of prize.

Good job all and of course props to you Bruno for sponsoring 60€ of your own money, not a lot of people would do that, so respect on that part. I hope there sometime will be a 2nd Landscaping contest, as this has been one of the best contests in a while.

Congrats all
=CaptainMatt= 6 years ago
Congrats guys! Totally deserve it!
CD Stone 6 years ago
Very well done guys!
✠Andreas 6 years ago

We as the judges came to the conclusion that a suiting interpretation of urban terrain in a peaceful way would also be something to consider a landscape. Military Landscaping does obviously not exist as military isn´t a place.
Julandrius 6 years ago
You get the point :3

And once again I will never say the moc is bad, as it isn't :3
LukeClarenceVan 6 years ago
Congratulations everyone! Those were some superb entries, and the honourable mentions were well chosen as well.
Lego Junkie. 6 years ago
Yay! Honorable mention!

All three winners are undoubtedly deserving, congrats gentlemen!
Rebla 6 years ago
Congratz to the winners!
Blake's Baericks 6 years ago
Awesome job Mark! You did a brilliant job on your creation. If there was one entry I would have chosen to take down Rivendell, it would have been yours. :)

While I disagree that Rivendell can't have won because it wasn't entered strictly for this contest (I compare it to me making an unintentional stop while grocery shopping), I understand your reasoning behind the decision, and I won't debate it. Thanks for 2nd at least!

Thank you judges/Bruno for the awesome prizes and hosting. It would be really sweet to see this be an annual contest. I would definitely take the time to build something exclusively for this contest if that was the case.
Lego_fan 6 years ago
Congrats everyone!
Shmails PRO 6 years ago
Congrats to all the winners! This was a wonderful contest that is quite unique, I am glad we will get another chance next year.

I would like to say that I am a bit disappointed that four of the six mocs mentioned have prominent man-made stuctures as part of the focus of the scenes. Like Julandius, I do love the mocs on their own merit, and each one deserves all the praise, but I would have been happier to see the winners be more like Mark's in that it is a focus on the natural landscape. Just my two cents to keep in mind for next time.

Again, congrats to all and thanks to the organizers!
Si-MOCs PRO 6 years ago
Great job everyone!

And congrats to all the winners an all the great entries everyone!
Simon S. 6 years ago
Congrats to all the winners, these entries are great!
=DoNe= 6 years ago
Congratulations to the winners!

All of them deserved a place up there!
Gabe Umland 6 years ago
Congrats everybody! 'Twas a fantastic contest, thanks Bruno!
Rifflestein 6 years ago
Congratulations, everyone! As MOCs, I think all of these deserved their spot in the top.

And yes, despite all the "controversy" surrounding the contest, it was a nice break from all of the military, space, and castle contests we see a lot of. Thank you for hosting!
Medic!!! 6 years ago
Congratz all!
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
Well played, all awesome work!
Lt. C♠lin 6 years ago
JustinR. 6 years ago
Congratulations to the winners! And thanks for the honorable mention! I had a fun time entering the contest, and I love the idea of this becoming an annual thing!
Dark-Alamez 6 years ago
Sometimes not only a muse motivates to create. Sometimes a good contest is better. Here you can see that.
Nice peaceful and interesting contest theme gave us an opportunity to make some amazing mocs. Thanks all who enjoyed the contest for their beautiful works and many thanks the contest creators.
Many thanks for third place! Hope you really enjoyed it.
And my congratulations to other the winners!
A little bit dissapointed that not many people were interested in my first entry Infernal Lands. Thought it wasn't so ordinary than buildings.
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