Bruno VW 5:46am, 10 August 2012
Post your entry down here, put down the title, the description and the picture. Maximum 2 entries per person.

Good luck!
Angelo_S. 6 years ago
[b]Mountain landscape[/b]

Landscape 01 by Angelo_S.

A autumn mountain landscape on 24x24 base.

Inspired by Velebit, a mountain in Croatia, Russian tundra and my own yard.
JustinR. 6 years ago
Safety Underground
Safety Underground: Main

Enjoy! ;)
Ian_Osty 6 years ago
Moon Landscape :)
Moon Landscape : Delta Base 1 by Ian_Osty

Close up
Not a close up!!!! by Ian_Osty
tyaak (retired) 6 years ago
Boom shackalakca. Don't DQ me for too many minifigs? c:
Backstoryish like thing on the main photo. Thanks for looking!
Saving the innocent (main) by tyaak (retired)

Saving the innocent by tyaak (retired)

there are other photo's in my stream as well.
Eturior 6 years ago
Remove some figs so you have the accepted amount, and you won't be DQ'd.
Mark of Falworth PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Mark of Falworth (member) 6 years ago
My entry...

A Mountainside Meadow.

Mountainside Meadow (Main) by Mark of Falworth

More views on my photostream
Brother Steven 6 years ago
Here is my entry

A Walk in the Forest. by Brother Steven
Blake's Baericks Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Blake's Baericks (member) 6 years ago
"Behold, the House of Elrond!"
Julandrius 6 years ago
We all officially lost the chance of first place :P

Though winning should not be the main concern :P
Medic!!! 6 years ago
^^ Mother of god......
^ This.
◄SAGE► 6 years ago
Oh my!
Bruno VW Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Bruno VW (member) 6 years ago
Now guys, don't give up. Everyone has a fair chance of winning, There are still 3 places to win!
Mark of Falworth PRO 6 years ago

Ironsniper 6 years ago
lol props to anyone who can top Blake's
halfbeak PRO 6 years ago
Hi, here's my entry to the contest, a microscale Joshua Tree National Park - exactly 20x20 studs. Hope you like it!
Joshua Tree National Park by halfbeak
Medic!!! 6 years ago
My entry:
Landscape by Medic!!!
LegOH! PRO 6 years ago
In all fairness Blake's entry should either be disqualified or be asked to be amended as he has included more than 3 minifigs!
Medic!!! 6 years ago
Julandrius 6 years ago
Haha lame excuse :P

Also, before accusing him, the 3minifig rule was disbanded yesterday, get your facts right and read the rules again :P
Medic!!! 6 years ago
^ Booyaohcrap.....
rapid expansion [deleted] 6 years ago
Who cares if they don't win? Blake's entry just makes it more of a challenge to win
Bruno VW 6 years ago
The rules have changed on the minifig subject, so n entry will be dq'd.
LegOH! PRO 6 years ago
I wasn't having a go at him Julandrius, idiot, the MOC is amazing with the incredible level of detail. Wish I had the time to make something that big (also the bricks!)

It's a shame the rule had to be changed, why bother with the minifigs when this is a 'landscape' contest!?
Julandrius 6 years ago
I don't wish to put any further comments in the entry thread other then this. But really? Calling me an idiot for saying you shouldn't cry over a rule you obviously want to use in order to win >.>

And you really weren't having a go at him, no. You only asked him to be DQ'd, that's not bad at all.
LegOH! PRO 6 years ago
If u actually read what I wrote it gave options! I don't want him to be disqualified at all!!

I apologize as I hadn't seen the updated rules, but hadn't expected them to be changed during a contest.
Bruno VW 6 years ago
Multiple people already had more then 3 minifigures, so the rule was disbanded. Please no more discussions in the entrythread, kthxbai
justin pyne 6 years ago
People are so hostile.
=DoNe= Posted 6 years ago. Edited by =DoNe= (member) 6 years ago
Deep down in the caves of Planet U...

Lego -Rock Raiders Dio- by =DoNe=
'Sergeant Chipmunk' PRO 6 years ago
Drifting Down Lyrebird River:

Drifting Down Lyrebird River by 'Sergeant Chipmunk'

The time had come for Chip Oakenbrow to leave the forests of Lenfald and to go off in search of adventure. As he slowly paddled his raft down the Lyrebird River, Chip was greeted by many cheers from his fellow Lenfels who were waving from the shore. Chip was going to bring honor and glory to the Land of Lenfald, or at least that's what he hoped. No matter what happened, Chip knew that he had to return to the forests of Lenfald when his quest was finished. He just hoped that he would return bearing something worth cheering about.
Ru Corder 6 years ago
Ancient Ground.
Ancient ground
Lego Junkie. 6 years ago
The Withering.
The Withering. by Lego Junkie.

More pictures in my photostream for the judges.
Mark of Falworth PRO 6 years ago
My second entry...

The Treasure Cave. (Main) by Mark of Falworth

More views on my Photostream
Falconbeard 6 years ago

'Solitude' by Falconbeard

In a far off place there resides a figure with no face, no home, no story, He lives in an endless sea of desert, alone in the sand. For he has always existed, and shall continue to exist for all of time. He has seen life grow and flourish and slowly wither and die, civilizations rise and fall. But nobody sees him. And as time goes on, everything passes into oblivion, everything turns to dust. Everything but him. For he waits alone in eternal solitude...
CD Stone Posted 6 years ago. Edited by CD Stone (member) 6 years ago
The Lonely Road: The Lonely Road

More photos: Here
LukeClarenceVan 6 years ago
Man-Eating Tree Stump by LukeClarenceVan

A man-eating tree stump that avenges itself upon lumberjacks. Also a landscape with a couple of trees and a stagnant pond.
[Stijn Oom] 6 years ago
Königsberg - WW2

Königsberg [WW2] by [Stijn Oom]

Details -Königsberg! by [Stijn Oom]
expensive crib [deleted] 6 years ago
I've been inspired... Keep it up, guys.
Fianat 6 years ago
Hello! And today I am going to present my new MOC.


Japanese Junk by Fianat

A junk is an ancient Chinese sailing vessel design still in use today. Junks may have developed from very early bamboo rafts which had a high stern. Cromagnon cave paintings on the Indo China coast show junk shaped doublehull vessels. Junks were developed during the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD) and were used as sea-going vessels as early as the 2nd century AD. They evolved in the later dynasties, and were used throughout Asia for extensive ocean voyages. They were found, and in lesser numbers are still found, throughout South-East Asia and India, but primarily in China, perhaps most famously in Hong Kong. Thanks!
Rifflestein 6 years ago
I'd hardly call that a landscape. Looks great, though!
TheBrickAvenger 6 years ago
Pirates Lagoon

Pirates Lagoon by TheBrickAvenger

"If you want to go to sea without risk of capsizing,
then don't buy a boat, buy an island ! "

Marcel Pagnol

Inspired creation of a Playmobil set : Pirates Lagoon (# 3285/ # 3938)
Brian Rinker Creative Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Brian Rinker Creative (moderator) 6 years ago
That's up for the judges to decide.

It has already been said, this is a thread for entries, not discussion. Please leave all comments on the actually photo or discussion thread.
halfbeak PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by halfbeak (member) 6 years ago
Here's my second entry, a Microscale El Capitan, the giant 900m high granite rock in Yosemite National Park in California. Yes, it's 14 wide by about 28 deep but it is micro so I hope the jury will exercise leniency in the matter of dimension...
El Capitán by halfbeak
Condor. 6 years ago
Doctor Who XI by Condor.

The Eleventh Doctor in the TARDIS.
TheBrickRepuplic. 6 years ago
DESERTed by TheBrickRepuplic.
Jimbo Cactaur 6 years ago
Microscale Fortress Landscape

Here we go. I figure that if you were to take away the fortress you'd still have a pretty cool landscape.
mangos-are-awesome Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mangos-are-awesome (member) 6 years ago
Halo: Reach Landscape

Reach by mangos-are-awesome
Lego_fan 6 years ago
Forgotten Coast of Mysterious Cows and Bloodthirsty Crabs

Forgotten Coast of Mysterious Cows and Bloodthirsty Crabs by Lego_fan

More photos here and here
Dark-Alamez 6 years ago
Hi everybody!
This is my entry "Infernal Lands"
Inspired by "God's demon" by Wayne Barlowe.
Si-MOCs PRO 6 years ago
On a routine survey mission around the southern lunar hemisphere - a shocking discovery is made...

What can only be described as alien canals were found that lead deep within the lunar surface...Lunar Canals
K.Kreations 6 years ago
Hidden Helmlock Pond :D
Hidden Hemlock Pond (Main) by K.Kreations
Brother Steven 6 years ago
My second entry..

River of Life. (main) by Brother Steven

River of Life. by Brother Steven
Shmails PRO 6 years ago
Gabe Umland 6 years ago
What Remains....

......after the flare, people started dying off like flies, and there was no way to stop the sickness, only slow it. It slowly took away your humanity, day by day, until you were gone, or past the gone, eventually it happened to us all. Then without their humanity, people would kill each other.....and themselves. What remains?.......nothing......

What Remains.... by Gabe Umland
Simon S. 6 years ago
Here's my entry:

In the Swamp.

In the Swamp (main)
d2hiriyuu 6 years ago
Here's my entry:
Under the River

The peaceful river in between the war of Red vs Blue.
In the river there are fish, plants, rock and the underwater splash effect from the waterfall.

under the river by d2hiriyuu

fishies by d2hiriyuu

the whole set: Under the River
Masked Builder 6 years ago
The Cave

The Cave by Masked Builder

The Cave by Masked Builder

Samstego 6 years ago
White Men of the North by Samstego
Atahlus 6 years ago

A strange monolith, somewhere in the wildlands... Who build it there, and why?
Object by Atahlus

Object by Atahlus
Dark-Alamez Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Dark-Alamez (member) 6 years ago

My second entry. Chicago landscape.
Other shots at my photostream later after preparing.
Carson Hart Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Carson Hart (member) 6 years ago
Welcome to Aedificus!
Welcome to Aedificus by Carson Hart

I know there are many other amazing entries, but I still thought I might as well enter just for the heck of it. Thanks for hosting this great contest and good luck to all the other entries!
Captain America - The First Avenger
Captain America - The First Avenger - Main Pic 2 by Film Hero Productions™

Captain America - The First Avenger - 12 by Film Hero Productions™

Red Skull: What makes you so special?
Captain America/Steve Rogers: Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn.

Category: Moc
Theme: Marvel Superheroes
Size: 31x77
Build Time: about 1 Week

Enjoy! ;D
Bruno VW 6 years ago
Aaaaaaand... it's done!

Any entry below this line will not be accepted. Thanks for entering and you will hear from us soon!

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