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Bruno VW 12:56pm, 6 August 2012
LEGO Landscape Contest by Bruno VW

The Landscaping Contest!

Presented to you by Bruno and coupons provided by Brick Takeover
Imagine a peacefull landscape, green trees, flower fields, bunnies hopping around… AND OH MY GOD IS THAT A MANIAC WITH A FLAMETHROWER BURNING EVERYTHING TO SHREDS?!
So far this introduction, I’ll now tell you what the actual meaning of this contest is. You’ve all seen countless builds of apocalyptic wastefields, magnificent castle landscapes and so on. This contest focuses not on the minifigures dwelling in the landscapes, but on the landscapes itself. The goal is to create whatever landscape you like, be it a swamp, a volcanic island, a nuclear fallout landscape and so on.

-The build can be microscale, a vignette, a diorama or a scene, choose whatever floats your boat.
-You cannot enter previous builds THAT WERE POSTED ONLINE.
-The minimum size for it should be 20x20
-Maximum 2 entries per person
-No height restrictions
-UPDATE: Minifigures are allowed, but they shouldn't be the main focus.
-Third Party accesoires such as Brickforge, Brickarms are allowed.
-Painting isn’t allowed, cutting stickers, flextube or whatever is.
-Don't have any ideas? here are some themes: Apocalyptic, Castle, Prehistoric, Medieval (not necessarily Castle), Roman/Greek, futuristic/Sci-fi, Steam Punk, Sea-life, Natural.
-Judging is done by me, Eturior and Andreas.

The prizes are split up into coupons for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The coupons are funded by me and provided by Brick Takeover’s excellent shop. 1st place will receive a coupon of 30 euros, the 2nd place for 20 euros and the 3rd place for 10 euros. Again, the prizes are funded by myself with my hard-earned money so keep in mind that I can’t really afford any fancy price.
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Pandarew 4 years ago
Excellent! Thanks for sponsoring this!
∠Eric The Red 4 years ago
How many times may we enter? c:
Julandrius 4 years ago
Props to you Bruno :)
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Hmm... I think that one entry per person should be fine.

Now get building :D
¡CoIor! 4 years ago
Tòm 4 years ago
This is a really cool contest. Great idea!
♠DJB♠ [deleted] 4 years ago
I'm staying out of this one, and any future contest that happens on the LCN. Good luck y'all. This one looks good.
Lord GearHead [deleted] 4 years ago
I will try my best, good luck to you all
BrickAttack➳ 4 years ago
I'm soooooo entering this one.

Quick question: It seems like in the description, buildings are allowed. Are we keeping this fully natural or including man made structors too? For Example: In the Castle theme, a Castle in the build.
Julandrius 4 years ago
Dude :( Are you quiting contests? :/
Samstego 4 years ago
Yes! :D
Medic!!! 4 years ago
Bricklink needed. Damn. : /
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Structures are allowed, but they shouldn't really be the focus of the build. If you're building apocalyptic as example, you can have roads and so on.
Why damn? It's free, doesn't take alot of time to sign up, and it's better then 3rd party vendors.
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Also, disregard what I said, 2 entries per person are allowed.
Lego Junkie. 4 years ago
Might want to put starting and ending dates up there, just so there's no confusion.

What are your thoughts on entering something that's already slightly built?
I've been slowly working on a diorama for the last three or four days, but there's not much done yet.
If you like, I can add you to a private picture just so you can see what I'm working with.

Angelo_S. PRO 4 years ago
Took a look at that BL store, gotta admit they have amazing offer of bricks, winners will havproblem choosing what they really want to get :)

And I am.definately in this one :3
Eturior 4 years ago
Am I correct that if you win, I basically get 30€ discount on that store? I mean, I can have an order for 80€, but with the coupon from this contest I get the order for 50, right?

I am just asking so everyone understands how the coupons work, I am not entering since I am judging :P
Bruno VW 4 years ago
It's not reallly a discount, more like, when the winners are announced, I'll email him the names. He then proceeds to give them some 'credit' that match the money they won and then they can order what they want. I don"t really know the deal with discounts on orders above the price money, but I'll ask him about it.

Uhm, the dates are on the flyer/promotion card. But I'll mention it again 10 AUGUST UNTILL 10 SEPTEMBER.
Maìne 4 years ago
Could I have the link to the Bricklink store?
Bruno VW 4 years ago
[Coperas] [deleted] 4 years ago
Tyler Chung 4 years ago
Can't wait to start building! :D
Bruno VW 4 years ago
I've missed your second question: It's fine to use a W.I.P. that hasn't been posted yet online.
Lego Junkie. 4 years ago
Sweet, thanks Bruno.
: D

I'm waiting on some BL orders to even get one step closer to finishing, so it may be a while before it's finished.
Ψik' 4 years ago
Great, finally a freakin' contest. I'll certianly have a crack at this one. And it's funny taht I just made (and recieved) an order from Brick Takeover myself. Well chosen vendor!
∆TMM∆ 4 years ago
I'm in.
Bley Junkie 4 years ago
Almost finished it, we can do buildings and not just landscape right?
Bruno VW Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Bruno VW (member) 4 years ago
Here, I've wrote a FAQ that should answer all incoming questions.

Q: Can there be buildings on my landscape?
A: Yes they can!! You may have buildings, roads, etc. But the focus is still on the landscape. I don't care if you build a replica of the Burj Dubai, I'll still judge your landscape.

Q: Can we enter previous builds?
A: Yes and no. If the build was already posted online, then you cannot. However, if it is a W.I.P. and you haven't posted anything online, then go ahead and incorporate it.

Q: Can I put mai cloonz in it???
A: Yeah... no.

Stuff from movies like LOTR and Harry Potter and others that have lots of scenery porn (lulz) in it are also allowed.
Rifflestein 4 years ago
To be fair, the Clone Wars series does have some nice landscapes, too. That one purple-ish planet from the first episode comes to mind.
z the lego man 4 years ago
I always thought this would be an interesting idea for a contest. But was never sure what to do about prizes, you seem to have figured that one out just fine!
Angelo_S. PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Angelo_S. (member) 4 years ago
My first entry is almost finished. :D

And I put cloonz in it :P

I assume a small overhang for tree's leaves is allowed? After all my build is only 24x24 and I did not have much space to move pines around.
Julandrius Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Julandrius (member) 4 years ago
Angelo, an overhang is obviously allowed as there's no minimum size :P

Edit; maximum size I mean :P
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Just to clear up confusion: If you're building an Urban Landscape, buildings, roads and everything you find in there SHOULD be the focus. Thanks to Andreas for pointing that out.
Condor. 4 years ago
I almost have my first entry done. A bit of work, it is. And thanks a lot for sponsoring this!
Toro . 4 years ago
Yes. This I will definitley enter.
¡CoIor! 4 years ago
Just made a stellar BL for this contest.
Glory_Forever 4 years ago
Thank goodness for a non-clone contest :) I have one question tho. Is the shipping from the UK to the US extra, or is it included with the coupon? Thanks,
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Very good question there... I"ll discuss it with the store owner.
Legoorci 4 years ago
Wow. Finally, just what I wanted in my comment :D
I hope to be able to put sth together.
Would it be okay to have shots of it without (or with 3 or less minifigs) and then with a lot of minifigs (but these pics then wouldn't be judged)?

Thanks for sponsoring this!
◄SAGE► Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ◄SAGE► (member) 4 years ago
Hmm, so painting a minfigure as customization is out?

Oh and are you allowed to post WIP pictures of your entry to gain criticism?
ƒernald 4 years ago
◄SAGE► Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ◄SAGE► (member) 4 years ago
^I don't know if I should be mad because of grammar Nazis or because I'm too stupid to use the right word...

Probably the second one...
Bruno VW Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Bruno VW (member) 4 years ago
^Nope, no painting allowed and W.I.P. pictures are now allowed.
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Just to clear things up: if you win, you can choose untill you've reached your maximum and the shipping won't be included.
Legomoc 4 years ago
Is there a "maximum" size the build can be?
Angelo_S. PRO 4 years ago
@Legomoc: To infinity and beyond!
Bruno VW 4 years ago
@Legomoc: Nope :D
th_squirrel PRO 4 years ago
No WIP pics? Aww, c'mon...
Bruno VW 4 years ago
It's to help you guys. If one sees a W.I.P. picture he might copy the idea/build and that would be unfair.
Green♣Beret 4 years ago
what do you mean that you need a bricklink account?
justin pyne 4 years ago

The prizes are Bricklink gift cards. Its pretty obvoius need a bricklink account to be able to spend those prizes.
Lego Junkie. 4 years ago
Honestly, I think that should be up to the builder.
if they want to risk having someone steal their idea, that should be their choice.
I mean, once you post your build, someone could just as easily steal the idea.
: P
Bruno VW Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Bruno VW (member) 4 years ago
Allright then, WIP pictures are allowed, but don't come whining when someone stole your idea :D

if you'd read the whole description of the contest, you would see why you need a BL account.
[Coperas] [deleted] 4 years ago
If their wasn't a minimum I could enter but for now, I can't.
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Why not? 2 entrys seem fine to me.
[Coperas] [deleted] 4 years ago
^ I meant, if it could be smaller than 20x20.
Mark of Falworth PRO 4 years ago
Hey Nice idea for a contest!! :D

1 question...
When is the deadline?
Bruno VW 4 years ago
10th or September is the last day to post your entry. The contest will close at 0:00 central time.
Mark of Falworth PRO 4 years ago
Allright! I'll probably have to build something for this then! :)
[Coperas] [deleted] 4 years ago
Could you build something smaller than 20x20 by any chance?

The Clucker 4 years ago
"The minimum size for it should be 20x20"

I like this idea for a contest. You can bet that I'll have something for this ;)
pickles5000 4 years ago
Can an entry be virtual (ie. designed with LDD, MLCad, etc) ?
Bruno VW 4 years ago
I'm not in favor for digital entries, I'll discuss it with the other judges. Also Coperas, can't you enlarge it untill it's 20x20?
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Me and the judges concluded that digital entries won't be accepted.
122mechastorm 4 years ago
If this was already addressed, I apologize. Are digital creations allowed? (LDD/LDraw) I am going back to school soon and cannot afford to bring all my Legos with me.
pickles5000 4 years ago

oh well, guess i'll just post it anyway in my photostream :(
[Night Fox] 4 years ago
^^ Look at the comment directly above your's.
diegoboy 4 years ago
Hey, can the entry be based for example, in a videogame or movie?
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Sure diegoboy, everything from books, movies, theaters etc are allowed.
DutchLB. 4 years ago
I have one question, when it's 20x20, does it need to be a perfect square? because my build isn't a perfect sqare..but it's 21x 20.. with "gaps"
I can post a pic to explain it better tomorrow..
Bruno VW 4 years ago
20x20 is just the minimum size, it doesn't have to be a perfect square, but you need to have atleast 20 studs in length. 21x20 is just fine.
diegoboy 4 years ago
Just one last question, it is mentioned that the entry can be a "scene", so can it be like this one? I mean, from a "minifigure point of view", althought I could show the entire thing in another photo, if necessary. Thanks!

Route Kanal by diegoboy
Can it be in space?
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Yes it can be in space... But not in space itself, on planets are ok.

Diegoboy: Scenes are allowed indeed, and if you'd enter something like that, you'll be fine.
Ru Corder 4 years ago
Oooh, i'm in.
FateHeart Posted 4 years ago. Edited by FateHeart (member) 4 years ago
Do animals count in the fig count? Because I was thinking 2 figs and their steeds. :P
Bruno VW 4 years ago
Animals don't count as minifigures
FateHeart 4 years ago
Saved. Thanks. :D
The Timinater 4 years ago
is there a deadline for this?
Bruno VW 4 years ago
... Why is this the second question regarding deadlines? I think it states clearly on the image that the contest runs untill the 10th of september.
Siercon and Coral PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Siercon and Coral (admin) 4 years ago
Keep building guys! Here's some more incentive :D

Landscape Contest Trophy by Siercon and Coral

Trophy for the victor.
Flobnomdob 4 years ago
Could I put custom minifigures that have appeared on the web before, made by me into the scene? And, do skeletons count?
Bruno VW 4 years ago
My god... I just answered the animal question 5 posts above you, they don't count as minifigures, skeletons as dead people also don't count. And the custom figures depend: if you painted them in any way, then you can't use them.
Lego Junkie. 4 years ago
While I have no problem whatsoever with Blake, I'm a bit curious as to what your thoughts are on someone entering a diorama that's been in the works for the last four months.
Blake's Baericks 4 years ago
^I thought it would be allowed based on this comment: www.flickr.com/groups/legocontestnetwork/discuss/72157630...

Please correct me if I am wrong though!
Lego Junkie. 4 years ago
Ah, indeed it is eligible then!
th_squirrel PRO 4 years ago
Ha, if it's allowed for you man... :D
Bruno VW Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Siercon and Coral (admin) 4 years ago

-Multiple people already have entries with more then 3 minifigures, it would be wack to let them retake their pictures. Sorry if it might sound a bit hypocrite but deal with it.
Siercon and Coral PRO 4 years ago
Yeah that makes sense, it's not about the minifigures anyways. The presence or absence really shouldn't change the judging of the topography. It's just obviously not advised or wise to cover your terrain in an army...

^(accidental 'edit' thought I was replying lol (nothing has changed in your post))
Julandrius 4 years ago
Can totally agree :)
Minifig restrictions limit people's fantasy.
ZachTheKing Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ZachTheKing (member) 4 years ago
I come back from the dark ages after building a microscale landscape to see this. Haha
ZachTheKing 4 years ago
Is it alright if we use more than one picture?
Rifflestein 4 years ago
I know you said that man-made structures shouldn't be the focus of the build unless it's a cityscape. Two entries so far have been a mix of buildings and environment.

So I'm going to go ahead and assume that the restriction is no longer in effect.

I'm also a bit iffy on the idea of entering an entry like Blake's being entered in a conveniently timed contest, but I'm not the one making the rules.
Carson Hart Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Carson Hart (member) 4 years ago
I have no chance of winning now ;_;

I know it isn't about the winning, but it would be pretty awesome to get Siercon and Coral's little trophy.
Dark-Alamez PRO 4 years ago
There is a one good proverb: "Don't change horses in midstream".
Changing the rules for people who didn't follow or read the rules I think it's wrong.
But it's your contest, so you can do with it what you want))
Bruno VW 4 years ago
My my my... I'm changing the rules mid-contest so it would appeal to more and more people, I for one, already know that this is my first and last contest to host. And c'mon people, there are three places to win, Blake won't win them, so stop discouraging yourselves and get building already. The contest will probably be extended again due to few entries.
=DoNe= 4 years ago
Aaaaaand i´m in :-)
Rifflestein 4 years ago
It's not so much about winning a prize (at least for me). Even if there were no prizes, it seems a little dumb (again, at least to me) to declare an entry like that the winner of the contest (if it happens to win), despite the fact that they didn't build it for the contest.

Sure, people who feel this way could just disregard the pre-built entries and make their own "true" standings based on that, but it still sucks to have your achievement dwarfed because you didn't have an entry before the contest was even announced.

I know this is your contest, and that people who don't like your rules can run their own, but this is just the way I see it.
Dark-Alamez PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Dark-Alamez (member) 4 years ago
Bruno, I don't blame You.
I certainly understand that You trying to invite more people for the contest.
But I think there wouldn't be any problem to ask people remake the pictures, if they break the rules.
Generally I don't care. I'll support Your contest whatever and make some scene ;)
Bruno VW Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Bruno VW (member) 4 years ago
Rifflestein, ofcourse it is clear that Blake's entry was built way before this contest and wasn't built for this contest, but I can't really disqualify him because he didn't break any rule. Sure, he has more minifigures then allowed first, but other people had already broke the rule, a lot of them didn't have time to retake pictures, and since there were few entries at that time, I figured; why not change the rule.

I'm a bit dissapointed in the way the contest develops, as there is few to no interest. I've had it featured on numerous websites, but not many people show interest in a contest like this. I think that the builders of today are more interested in contests that involve war and have 3rd party accesoires as prizes.
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