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Siercon and Coral ADMIN June 9, 2014
Only add photos that are for Lego contests. Thanks :)

Group Description

- Contests will be announced at random dates.
- All prizes will be mailed out to the winner(s).
- If one is annoying and/or rude, they will be banned.

Well for me (LSS Aka Lego_Sniper_season and thats for Newbs) I entered a contest for the first time on flickr and I got HOOKED!!! I wished there was 1 group that had a contest I could join. But most of the groups where "bla bla bla Invite only!" or "HaHa B***h this is a private group! Nanananana!" So I decided to make this group. It started slow at first but I thought it whould be just as much as a hit as The Lego Trading Outpost or "Brickarms". It stayed slow for a while so I kinda abandon it thinking that this was a stupid idea. But then after about 2 weeks .Kaupuan. came up to me and said " hey make me admin on the lego contest network and I will try to make it better because it sounds like a fun group." So I said alright go ahead. And turned the Lego Contest Network into a complete Succsess. From about 24 members to over 100 in almost 3-5 days. I reboted my whole computer to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with the site or if it was a dream. But now look at us! So I hope I gave you about 5-10 mins. of reading. Thanks guys! We (kinda) love you all! (well the peeps that join and do stuff we kinda like)


I thought I might add my own log into the groups description. As Lego_Sniper_Season stated ages ago, I helped this group to really get going. If it was not for the advertisement run I went on, most of the 1,200 of you would have never heard (and in that case joined) the L.C.C. When I went absent for a few months, the admins really stepped up to the plate and helped this group along. I congratulate you, the admins and moderators, on a job very well done. I've seen this group explode from about 24 members to over 1000 over the course of about two years. I'm glad that I helped to found this Group, and I wish the best to all of you. Keep participating in the contests and my best wishes to all of you faithful members.


Group Rules

- All photos placed in the photostream must be for the contest(s) that are active.

- No vulgar language is tolerated at The Lego Contest Network.

- Be serious. If the photo is used as a joke, it will be deleted and the member may be banned.

-Only Admins and/or Mods are allowed to post topics for new contests.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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