SharkyProductionz [deleted] 3:04pm, 26 August 2012
post pic below.....
Jeroen_K Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Jeroen_K (member) 6 years ago
Must be this one in my case.

Is it real? by Jeroen_K
♠DJB♠ [deleted] 6 years ago
That's like... My opinion, maaaaaaannnn...
SharkyProductionz [deleted] 6 years ago
Wow. Those two are very strange....
`Cardz 6 years ago
Definitely this.

Its the Dials Man by `Cardz
¡CoIor! 6 years ago
It's not that odd, but here:
Sharp Nails by ¡CoIor!
Samstego 6 years ago
Robot by Samstego


I hate it. I can't stand. Why the heck did I port it then? >.>
justin pyne 6 years ago
Probably this thing-
Miscellaneous by justin pyne

which was heavily inspired by those wicked awesome custom toys from Toy Story.
SharkyProductionz [deleted] 6 years ago
Wow! These are all so strange but wonderful!
LukeClarenceVan 6 years ago
Big Rubber Mallet 6 years ago
Santas sleigh 1 by Big Rubber Mallet

It's a rocket santas sleigh.
Legtayor. 6 years ago
Two ducks socializing. by Legtayor.
Freter. 6 years ago
Billy by Freter.

Pretty strange.....
TheBrickRepuplic. 6 years ago
Happy Halloween by TheBrickRepuplic.

SharkyProductionz [deleted] 6 years ago
All these are so awesome!
Ryan Howerter 6 years ago
Hmm. If you don't count minifigs (though I've built some very strange ones...), this is probably the oddest thing I've built:
Struthio by Ryan Howerter

or maybe this:
Ball Pit by Ryan Howerter
[The Admiral] 6 years ago
Cutthroats, thieves and Bandits by [The Admiral]

Probably this, just bad editing and weird colors
Grimthehappycow [deleted] 6 years ago
It's got to be this one.


I was laughing the entire time I was building it.
✠Andreas 6 years ago
Csek Closeup by ✠Andreas
halfpenguinhalflego 6 years ago
Probably my Stompa:
LEGO Ork Stompa version 2 by halfpenguinhalflego

(I wonder what Karf Oohlu thinks his strangest build is. D;)
Zeessi 6 years ago
Of the ones I've actually uploaded, it's gotta be my Space-Castle Turkey Mech:
Space Castle; War Turkey(stalk3) by Zeessi
Nick Brick PRO 6 years ago
Master Chef by Nick Brick

Are you sure? Because you do have a spaceship with Kelso and Phipson faces on it... :3
‹Blλze [deleted] 6 years ago

{№t Applicable} [deleted] 6 years ago

SharkyProductionz [deleted] 6 years ago
I'm gonna go ahead and post my strange thing of a lego creation...
whateverly Posted 6 years ago. Edited by whateverly (admin) 6 years ago
Probably Nightfall:


But, strange is in the eye of the beholder after all. You may find this stranger:

whateverly 6 years ago
Incidentally, something strange for Karf might seem rather mundane to others.
Proudlove 6 years ago
Pacman by Proudlove
Mad physicist PRO 6 years ago
Strange is very much a relative term. I build scale models, almost exclusively, so it would have to be a scale model of something strange. I think my Edsel Bermuda qualifies.
Edsel by Mad physicist
LukeClarenceVan 6 years ago
Haha, good point! I didn't want to horrify the people here though, so I went with a more mundane MOC. ;)
Julandrius 6 years ago
MBP and Pig Howitzer by Julandrius

.The Black Rabbit. 6 years ago
Witch of blades by .The Black Rabbit.

This was a pretty odd build. Everything was pointy and fragile.
[ P.E.N.I.S ] by point Blanc Productions

ƒernald 6 years ago
You don't even want to know...
∠Eric The Red 6 years ago
DR.Church PRO 6 years ago
Definitely this...

Giant Chicken Feet

Not sure what I was on when I built this.
Beardly Designs 6 years ago
I don't have a pic, but it was when I was 8. Me and my friend Tom had a little competition to see who could put the most pairs of arms on one Toa. Mine ended up with about 30 arms... just stacking shoulders on top of his first shoulders. It was very wierd, as the rest of him was normal, but he just had so many arms.
Model Gal PRO 6 years ago
I'd have to say this was one of my weirdest

Real and LEGO Snake Belt

A lady wanted a replica of her snake belt buckle.
Bowbrick 6 years ago
Definitely this so far.
Where is Karf Oohlu in this discussion? :)
whateverly 6 years ago
Oh. that calls to mind my Lunar Monster Truck
from back in the day.
Maybe that one wasn't so strange for me either.

Alas, MocPages has stripped out all external links...
Red Five89 6 years ago
My strangest MOC so far has been a Kombi van With AT-AT legs.

AT - VW ?
Andrew Somers 6 years ago
Letting it all hang out. by Andrew Somers

The: Bionically Infused Tactical Combat Hardsuit.

Definitely my most interesting/strange build as far as I'm concerned. Mainly because it's a mech type thingy, but also because the thing was built around the idea of innuendo...
[Fritz G.] 6 years ago

lsgc 6 years ago
This was one of many (two) half shark/half human creations I went through a phase of building.
XYY by lsgc

I should just like to say I'm not one of those people who like anthropomorphised animals.
Happy Nostalgia 6 years ago
This is why they dont let me do bioengineering by Happy Nostalgia

i think it would be this ^
Wiseman_Lego 6 years ago
This kind of s*it
Yacapo 6 years ago
Wait... wheres Karfs!?!?!
oh ya... there all strange!
Lego Junkie. 6 years ago
This is mine.

Seananners gets the Lego treatment. by Lego Junkie.
McCluckles PRO 6 years ago
Past me thought this was hilarious, Present me just doesn't get it.

Giant Evil Chocolate Shaped Bunnies... by McCluckles
Ironsniper Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Ironsniper (member) 6 years ago
Strangest eh? Honestly, this lol:
タイタンの戦争マシン by Ironsniper
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