Nannan Z. PRO 8:05pm, 4 November 2010
Wouldn't it be awesome to have a gold LEGO turkey? Now you can score this real-gold plated LEGO turkey, the only one ever made from ChromeBricks, and it's awesome. Simply build a turkey in the next three weeks and post a picture here, just in time for Thanksgiving. Yum.

Golden turkey by Nannan Z.

-Build any kind of turkey out of official LEGO bricks.
-Submit one photo in this discussion.

Deadline: November 24, 2010. Winner will be announced on Thanksgiving!

Prize: real-gold plated LEGO turkey by ChromeBricks.
BetaNotus 6 years ago
This should be fun.
i <3 cookies_ 6 years ago
i shall diffenently particapate in this
knlranch PRO 6 years ago
Yes, it will be AWESOME to have a gold LEGO turkey.
Blue Troll 6 years ago
I dont own any euros any one wanna trade something for one?
CrazyBrıck 6 years ago
I might enter if my piece assortment cooperates.
asianpwnage 6 years ago
Is LDD allowed?
K. Jewell 6 years ago
Dead(cooked) or alive?
Nannan Z. PRO 6 years ago
LDD is allowed, so are cooked ones along with mosaics and anything that depicts turkey.
~Tac~ 6 years ago
If only turkeys were grey, and had huge mecha legs... :-P
DePin0 6 years ago
Who is saying a grey mecha turkey isn't tasteful? The rules don't say you can't...
græy 6 years ago
Oh, this looks fun. I don't actually have a full turkey, and it would be nice to get it in plated gold. I'll have to participate! :D
bermudafreze 6 years ago

History of Brickfrenzy 023a by brickfrenzy
brickfrenzy 6 years ago
Dang, I came to this thread specifically to post that picture, as a non-voting entry but you beat me to it!
Louis K. 6 years ago
Does it have to be new?
lsgc 6 years ago
Why do people always ask that, when as far as I can tell there's never been a precedent for contests accepting retrospective entries? Not having a go, it's just a curious phenomenon.
Nannan Z. PRO 6 years ago
I had in mind that exact image when I wrote all kinds of turkey are accepted.

It's also implied that entries need to be new creations.
eldeeem 6 years ago
I want to see somebody build the country Turkey. :P
powerpig PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by powerpig (member) 6 years ago
Here's my would-be entry. It was made a few weeks ago, however, so I guess it doesn't qualify. I figured there was no harm in sharing it, though!

Shadow Viking Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Shadow Viking (member) 6 years ago
Guess I posted this a little too soon. :<
By, you know, about 7 months.
Nannan Z. PRO 6 years ago
No harm in sharing old builds, but the prize will be awarded to a new creation.
DammitKarissa Posted 6 years ago. Edited by DammitKarissa (member) 6 years ago
This won't be entered because I'm an admin, but I built one too!

CrazyBrıck 6 years ago
diegoboy 6 years ago
So nobody has submitted an entry?
DammitKarissa 6 years ago
I've built the only one that's new, but I don't think I should enter it; so apparently not.

There's still 10 days to go though, so there could be some. Maybe I'd win by default? Haha
Nannan Z. PRO 6 years ago
If no one else submits a new entry, then that may be the case.
K. Jewell 6 years ago
I;ll enter mine on tuesday hopfully
lsgc 6 years ago
^^ Dawww! Here's a sympathy entry I "cobbled" together.
Turkey (1) by lsgc

Click through to the other pictures to see its special feature.
_.Astro._ 6 years ago
Mine is almost done! ( I hope) =)
RΟΟK PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by RΟΟK (member) 6 years ago
Ah delicious!

“Hold still.”

Thanksgiving in the SWU

Or Turkey by himself:
_.Astro._ 6 years ago
Mine is finally done! One question: does a cut lego sticker count as an official lego element?
DammitKarissa 6 years ago
_.Astro._ 6 years ago
Turkey by _.Astro._

Here's my entry! I hope you like it! =D
Click here for more pics!
_.Astro._ 6 years ago
^^ Thanks!
Justin Phaelen 6 years ago

Heres my entry!
diegoboy Posted 6 years ago. Edited by diegoboy (member) 6 years ago
Turkey by diegoboy

Turkey Scupture in Ancient Greece.
Legit Alex 6 years ago
LEGO Turkey by Legit Alex

Here's my entry to the contest. There are more pictures up on my photostream.
i <3 cookies_ 6 years ago
is a cut flex tube allowed?
if it is i got mine built
DammitKarissa 6 years ago
Sure is.
i <3 cookies_ 6 years ago
gurusql PRO 6 years ago
Here is my entry to the contest. There are two more pictures on my photostream.

Thanksgiving Turkey - Right Side by gurusql
austins PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by austins (member) 6 years ago I'm hooked. Here's my entry:

TheDarkblane PRO 6 years ago
Here's my entry.

By the 47th Century, turkeys had been genetically modified to intersteller proportions.

Unfortunately with increased size came increased aggression and turkey farmers had to resort to increasingly sophisticated technological solutions in order to continue farming them.

The turkey gunship was designed to immitate these intersteller turkeys in order to allow the turkey farmers to get close enough to dispatch them without serious injury, using the two quad cannons mounted on the underside of the gunship.

Many turkey farmers still remember a time before the turkey gunship was developed and the tragic losses they suffered during the great turkey wars of '43 and '58.

Whilst each turkey gunship can be piloted by a single turkey farmer, due to stability issues, an onboard artifical intelligence, hardwired into the heart of the ship, is required to micromanage the flight control.

I wanted to build something a little bit different for this contest and was inspired by
Brickfrenzy's Turkey Mech (which was posted earlier in this topic) to create a turkey shaped spaceship.

If anyone's interested, there are more photos here: Turkey Gunship
austins PRO 6 years ago
darkblne: "flight control"? ;o)
graznador Posted 6 years ago. Edited by graznador (member) 6 years ago
Turducken: The components by graznador

My tribute to the most matryoshka-like of foods, turducken. A tiny chicken is nestled within a larger duck, and both birds sit within the neck of a large turkey. Click here to see the full set.

Forget cornucopias; as the fowl gift that keeps on giving, turducken is truly the greatest representation of the plenty that we give thanks for every year.

Gobquawk! And happy Thanksgiving. 6 years ago

Some awesome looking birds here! Here's my entry.
DammitKarissa 6 years ago

Some great entries so far wouldn't you say Nannan?
Nannan Z. PRO 6 years ago
LegoMOCHC 6 years ago
Here's my entry.

Rogue Builder [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Rogue Builder (member) 6 years ago
Wakkomovies 6 years ago
Well I guess I'll post anyways:
Turkey by Wakkomovies

Some time in the distant future turkeys evolved to be fast, capable of sustaianed flight and a little bit on the small side. This is because turkeys were almost hunted to extinction and evolution has its ways of preserving species.
i <3 cookies_ Posted 6 years ago. Edited by i <3 cookies_ (member) 6 years ago
the entry to the golden turkey contest by i <3 cookies_

i hope photoquality doesnt matter...
anyway i think i have the only minifig scale turkey
i have more pics if it helps
Justin Phaelen 6 years ago
^ Minifig scale? Pretty sure turkeys aren't 4'-5' tall. ;D
i <3 cookies_ 6 years ago
@ Justin Phaelen
in North Carolina they're 4 ft tall with the feathers
Justin Phaelen 6 years ago
I have got to move to North Carolina then. Four foot turkeys sound awesome!
K. Jewell 6 years ago
Post it around 9 ish. That okay?
i <3 cookies_ 6 years ago
@ Justin Phaelen
NC is pretty great =D

@gravel cruncher
Justin Phaelen 6 years ago
When does the contest end? How many hours/minutes from this post cause I know everyones in different time zones.
DammitKarissa 6 years ago
Midnight, CST.
Justin Phaelen 6 years ago
That was a crazy fast response! Was it coincidence that you were on at that time or do you really check every two minutes for entrys? ;) Thanks for the answer!
Model Gal PRO 6 years ago
I was inspired by the in-store build
The Day After T-day
Nannan Z. PRO 6 years ago
Thanks for everyone's participation, there's some funny and creative entries. The winner is Peter Taylor's Turkey Gunship!

Turkey Gunship by TheDarkblane

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Ironsniper 6 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving! Congrats on the turkey! :P
austins PRO 6 years ago
These are all really great! Love the minifig one.
Ironsniper 6 years ago
Well, might as well post my turkey here:
Turkey-suit by Ironsniper

lsgc 6 years ago
oh, i forgot to "build large". toh! 6 years ago
Congrats, Peter!
TheDarkblane PRO 6 years ago
Thanks everyone, I had a lot of fun building my entry and actually winning the contest is a really nice bonus.

Well done to everyone else who entered, it's really interesting to see all of the different solutions that everyone came up with to build a turkey. I especially like the use of the Octopus on LegoMOCHC's entry and diegoboy's entry is also very unusual.

Of my own creations, it's probably one of my favourites and Nannan (and anyone else involved in organising this contest) deserves a massive thanks for organising the contest and providing me with the inspiration for such a crazy build.

Also a big thanks to ChromeBricks for supplying the prize.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
_.Astro._ 6 years ago
Oh well... Congrats Peter!
Thank you Nannan Z., Repoort and anyone else who organized this wonderful contest!
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